WeMontage, Unwrapping Interior Design With Photo Wall Art Generating Software

Tech Startup of the Week: WeMontage, Unwrapping Interior Design for the Consumer

Founded by James Oliver, Jr., WeMontage allows users to design wallpaper with their own photos (Image: Source)

How WeMontage Works: WeMontage uses an interface that allows users to upload pictures from their computer, Dropbox, Facebook, Picassa, Evernote, Flickr and Instagram, among other platforms. They can then select the size, background color and border width of their wallpaper and WeMontage’s software will optimize the creation, configuring the best resolution for the wallpaper.

“We turned an algorithm into code to optimally arrange photos all with respect to the size of the canvas, the number of pictures and the overall resolution quality of those images,” says Oliver, who received his MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “We’ve built in kind of a pixilation protector so our software gives you a bunch of different options.” Priced at $10 a square foot, WeMontage lets users go big with their wallpaper creations (as long as it’s square or rectangular in shape). WeMontage offers quick turnaround, free FedEx ground shipping and a money back guarantee.

Persistence Is Key: Oliver tracked down the number for Zach Brandon, president at Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, and finally got him on the phone. Brandon told Oliver about an upcoming pitch competition, which gave the entrepreneur’s venture added exposure and the opportunity to participate in an accelerator program. Oliver hates being told “no” and credits that with his make-a-way-out-of-no-way mentality. “The one thing I’m really best at is not quitting.”

Strong Support System: “I couldn’t have done it without my wife,” reflects Oliver. “She’s the one that A) helped to inspire the idea and B) told me I had to go. She was like, ‘Get you’re a** down to Madison and rock out that accelerator!’” Despite being two hours away from his wife and premature twins, Oliver completed the gener8tor program and continues to expand his startup. Oliver is thankful his wife encouraged him to move forward with his dream. “If I didn’t leave, WeMontage would be dead,” admits Oliver.

Next Up: Based on customer feedback, WeMontage is working on giving customers more options. The startup is also exploring options license its software and possibly go global.

Want to create your very own WeMontage? Visit the website and enter promotional code “BE” for a $50 discount. Offer ends August 26, 2013.

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