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The 40 Best Companies For Diversity

County, Consolidated Edison boasts a workforce that is 22% African American. That percentage is also reflected in board representation, with two black members on its 11-person board. Six of the $11.7 billion company’s 43 corporate officers are minorities, four of whom are African American. One of the company’s goals is to continue to attract, develop, and retain employees from the communities it serves.
Advertising Diversity Rating: 1 Star
STRENGTHS: Employee Base, Board of Directors

DAIMLERCHRYSLER CORP. Location: Auburn Hills, MI. Type of Business: Automotive. Diversity Contact: Monica Emerson, Executive Director, Corporate Diversity Office. DaimlerChrysler Corp. is a global automotive company whose brand includes Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, and Dodge. The company has a long-standing tradition of integrating diversity in every aspect of its business practices, which is reflected in its workforce: nearly 25% of its employees are black. DaimlerChrysler spent roughly $1.3 billion with African American businesses. The auto giant also boasts 84 black senior managers, two directors, and six corporate officers. The award-winning Chrysler 300 was designed by Ralph Gilles, who was named one of BE’S Top Black Designers in 2005.
Advertising Diversity Rating: 5 Stars
STRENGTHS: Supplier Diversity, Employee Base

Location: Orlando, FL. Type of Business: Food Services. Diversity Contact: Donna Dozier-Gordon, Director, Workforce Diversity. Boasting more than $5 billion in revenues last year and a workforce of more than 20,000 African Americans, Darden Restaurant is the fourth largest food-services company in the United States. With Clarence Otis Jr., chairman and CEO, at the helm (one of BE’S 75 Most Powerful Blacks in Corporate America) and four African American board members, Darden’s core value of inclusion is embraced companywide. Darden Restaurants spent $23 million on marketing to black consumers last year.
Advertising Diversity Rating: 1 Star
STRENGTHS: Board of Directors

Location: Memphis, TN. Type of Business: Package Delivery. Diversity Contact: Pam Pitts, VP, Human Resources Servicesand Chief Diversity Officer. Diversity has been an integral part of FedEx since its inception. The company has demonstrated its commitment through its Corporate Culture & Awareness Department. Launched in 1997, its goal is to heighten cultural awareness through education and communication, eliminate barriers to cultural understanding, and help employees value the differences all people bring to the workplace. Diversity training, which is available at every level of the organization, focuses on six affinity groups related to the promotion of cultural acceptance and education: women, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, cancer support, and gay/lesbians/bi-sexual/transgender.
The FedEx Express Vice President Diversity Council, composed of senior vice presidents and vice presidents, reviews inclusion policies. (Currently, 15 of 73 senior management positions are held by minorities, and eight of those are black.) The council also recognizes employees for accomplishments in the area of diversity. To buttress such efforts, managers are expected to promote diversity through the hiring, promotion, and retention of employees as part of their overall performance objectives. In addition, succession programs have been developed to ensure a steady flow of managers who will help champion the company’s future diversity initiatives. — N.M.R.
Adversiting Diversity Rating: o2 Stars
STRENGTHS: Senior Management, Employee Base

FANNIE MAE Location: Washington, DC. Type