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The Cutting Edge: New Year’s Eve

upper hand; “If you leave on New Year’s Eve or leave on New Years Day and come back on Jan. 5, the prices are also cheaper by $100 or $150,” he says.

Travel in packs: The lure of a club or lounge may be hard to resist. If you still have your heart set on the excitement of a party, gather your buddies and give the promoter a call. “Pick up the phone and [bargain],” says David Jaffee, a nightlife and event coordinator in New York City. Let the promoter know that you “have a group of five people and really can’t afford the price online. [Ask] what’s the best price [the promoter] can give for a group of five people,” he adds. Promoters may be willing to give a group discount of 20% or more, depending on the venue. Visit and for events in your area.

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