BE Modern Man Spotlights - The Finance Buffs: Meet Kurt Summers

[The Finance Buffs] Meet Kurt Summers

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Chicago City Treasurer Kurt Summers - Photo Credit: Chicago City
BE Modern Man Spotlight - The Finance Buffs - Kurt Summers
Kurt Summers, Chicago City Treasurer. Photo Credit: Chicago City

Working to provide opportunities for all of the hardworking citizens of the City of Chicago is priority for Summers. “I’m a firm believer that we’re all in this together, and the fight for economic progress and equality is not a zero-sum game,” Summers tells BE Modern Man. “We must “lift as we climb” and that’s the approach I take with my peers, mentors and every other champion working to improve lives in our community.” Improving the lives in the community has its challenges and the road is not easy as Chicago faces the biggest fiscal challenge in over a century. “This challenge and the ability to have an impact on the city I love in it’s time of greatest need, is exactly what makes it all worthwhile.”

From an early age Summers knew that being an investor and finding ways to bring capital to the community was his calling in life. The fact that there hadn’t been an abundance of African American male role models on Wall Street never deterred him from pursuing his dream and beyond. “It’s important for our youth to see people that they can relate to in positions they strive for, and young people in our community need to know that I am them, and they are me,” summers tells BE Modern Man. “I commend BE Modern Man for highlighting careers in finance and introducing readers to a career path that needs more strong modern men.”

With the City of Chicago’s finances resting firmly on his shoulders, Summers is fortunate to have his wife Helen by his side as he serves the city and impacts its residents. “Seeking out the extraordinary, respecting those who came before and uplifting those around us while never losing sight of what is most important in life: family, faith and service to each other is the calling card of a BE Modern Man,” says Summers. “Being a BE Modern Man means leaving this world, your community, your neighborhood and your household in a better place just by having been here. We change the conversation when we focus on the good, focus on the positive and focus on the infinite potential inside each one of us.  That is why this narrative, this type of exposure is so important.”

The team salutes Kurt Summers for his dedication to the City of Chicago and all of the people he serves. We are honored to call him a BE Modern Man and commend him for taking on such a big challenge as he works to empower young people, workers and business owners

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