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Why BE Next Is the Now Generation

derived a multitude of benefits from their skill, drive, unique perspective, and mastery of new technology. In fact, these young professionals have been vital to our Website development and use of social media networks to reach different segments of our audience. In effect, much of the development of the BE Next franchise can be attributed to the under-35 set, led by Tennille M. Robinson, a 27-year-old former intern who currently serves as the magazine’s small business editor.

It is my belief that the best way to serve our audience and clients comes from cross-generational input and debate. By doing so, we can develop useful, rich content and products without compromising standards. In many of these discussions, we’ve even encouraged interns–a good number of whom have become be employees over the years–to engage in the dialogue. Our company will remain dynamic and relevant as long as we allow BE Nexters to have a voice, give them loads of responsibility, and a bit of guidance. In the process, we build a group of young professionals prepared to take on any challenge. Simply put, they represent our future.

So I take great pride in serving as a generational bridge for business leaders who came to power at the same time as my father, my peers who have taken the reins of business and corporate leadership, and an emerging business class starting to blaze trails. It would be foolhardy for any of us to trivialize the efforts of young professionals, as it would be heretic to send old-guard managers to the business equivalent of a glue factory. Each generation can learn from another. There are valuable lessons from past experiences. There are incredible efficiencies in developing new processes. There are significant achievements to be made in reshaping a company’s vision. Embracing this generation is the first step in business evolution. BE Next is now.