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Making the Case for John McCain

in a North Vietnamese prison, he has since spent more than 25 years in the U.S. Congress. He has proposed legislation in all the major arenas of federal authority, has a history of working effectively with Democrats on a variety of issues, has chaired the powerful Commerce Committee and been involved in dozens of major decisions involving our national security and international standing. (Oct. 12)

The North County (Calif.) Times: Washington is a corrupt and incestuous place. While McCain has had his own issues during the years, he is more determined and better suited to the task of cleaning up Washington. (Oct. 26)

Press Enterprise: The next four years will be a time for restoring confidence in American institutions, reintroducing sobriety to the federal budget, and making long-delayed decisions that will preserve Social Security and Medicare for the next generation of retirees. The public needs McCain’s leadership on these issues to guide debate toward markets and freedom, and away from even larger and more powerful government. (Oct. 18)

The San Diego Union Tribune: When the Great Depression struck in the early 1930s, Washington responded with misguided tax hikes and trade barriers that only exacerbated the crisis. Today, in the face of renewed economic turmoil of historic proportions, Obama proposes to boost the capital gains levy — a particularly onerous tax on business expansion and job growth — and increase the tax rate on dividends, which account for a big chunk of Americans’ retirement earnings. (Oct. 19)

The Daily Sentinel (Colo.): It’s not just energy. On every major issue – government reform, health care, spending, taxes – McCain not only has the most sensible ideas, his track record gives him a much better chance of getting them enacted. John McCain is the presidential candidate with the breadth and depth of experience, both personal and political, who can best lead the country out of its very troubling condition. (Oct. 10)

The Longmont (Colo.) Daily Times Call: We have a leader in our midst who knows the American people and what they can achieve, who knows our government with its strengths and needed areas of improvement and the dedicated sacrifice of our military. His extensive knowledge of world geography and of leaders throughout the world would be a major plus for this commander in chief. His courage and proven dedication would be a role model for all. His name is John McCain. (Oct. 19)

The Register Citizen (Ct.): McCain isn’t afraid to tell his own party to go to hell. He stands out from his party as a strong supporter and steward of the environment, and he has and would go after the leaders of big business when unfettered greed and regulatory loopholes put the average American at risk. The average American, we strongly believe, wants a level playing field to pursue the American dream, not a redistribution of wealth or