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You Got The Job — Now What?


Plan your first 100 days. Write out a plan for your first three to four months in the new position. Decide how you’ll synchronize your expectations with the company’s, shape your agenda, and manage your boss. Citrin, head of the global technology, communications, and media practice at Spencer Stuart, a global executive search firm, says one of the most common mistakes people in new positions make is promising too much and not delivering. CEOs shouldn’t see themselves as company saviors, he explains, but should work through their teams to produce results.

Get your team in place. Do this as soon as possible. This is a key driver of success or failure, says Bradt. A high percentage of executives fail because they are not able to build a high-performing team fast enough to deliver results within an expected time frame, he explains.

Stand and deliver. Generate some early wins. Make a positive mark on something important to your boss or to the people important to your boss. “Make it something dramatic, something achievable, something that is a model for others and that enhances your standing,” says Bradt.