• Robyn

    Thats fine but you can’t stop at one verse there are associating verses that can help you better understand what that particular means. If you leave it at one verse it makes you think that the rich is better than poor. Which the Bible will also tell you that is not true.

    • Kia

      Please take the encouragement and don’t be so critical or quick to say anything. It’s rare that we see words of wisdom in magazines pertaining to Biblical Law.

      • Wavieb

        Thank you Kia. I agree. All those scriptures did were give practical tips. Nothing is wrong with being rich. Jesus said the poor you will always have with you. That is why, those who are rich should be generous and give to different charities that help poor people. Rich or poor is not the question, the question is, “Where is your heart”? There are great rich people and great poor people. Greed is the sin and it can be found whether you are rich or poor.

  • Jane Eyre

    Wow! I really loved the profound simplicity of this slideshow–and most of the accompanying illustrations complemented the verses nicely! I was somehow expecting a lot of text, but the simple verses spoke eloquently and provocatively–well done! I don’t think the verses in any way suggest that the rich are better than the poor. In general, they seemed to say, use good judgment. Kudos!

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  • Robin

    You must study the word of God in order to understand the meaning of these verses that were quoted from the bible. You must know the full meaning, before trying to apply it to your financial situation.

  • Isome

    The bible also tells us when a wife or child should be stoned to death, how slaves should love their masters and that during war the men should kill not just the combatants, but also the women who are not virgins, and then kidnap the virgins to take back home. Yes, indeed, the bible is full of lessons we should apply to our daily lives.

    • Alfred Edmond Jr.


      You are doing just what proponents of the American system of slavery did to justify its subjugation and dehumanization of black people: taking selected passages of the Bible and misinterpreting it to serve their own malicious intentions and selfish agenda. Disappointing. And totally cliched, especially in 2011. You can do and be better than that.


      • Chuck

        Dear Alfred,

        “All things decent and in order” Very maturely expressed, thank you.



  • Wavieb

    Love that you used the bible as a source. American society has gotten so far away from God and some get so offended when you bring up the bible. Glad that you had the courage to do so. Don’t let negative comments deter you from using the word. All of us are not against the bible and we welcome it. I personally am tired of having to hear so many people denounce God and the bible. Companies should not be so quick to listen to these kinds of people and push God out to appease them. What about us who believe? We spend our money too and when you put God first. He will honor that.

    • Sheiresa Ngo

      Thank you! I appreciate it.

  • Lemuel L.butler

    amen That alll I have to say, God Bless America. Peace.

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  • Maurice Sean Whitaker

    Wonderful article.

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