6 Tips for a Stress-Free You

Work smarter, not harder

The trend spotter puts it plain and simple: “you’ve got to be efficient with your time.”

Enforce the lunch hour

The young business maven has implemented an office-wide, mandatory lunch break. She says even if you’re not going to take your break to eat, it should be used to take a walk, grab a cup of Joe or just get some fresh air. “Do something because you have to get away from your work,” advises Wells.

Keep communication to a minimum when stressed

Be mindful of the messages you send when you’re on the job and coping with stress. “Anything you’re sending, edit it, re-read it and make sure it’s exactly how you want it to be communicated. If it’s not, don’t send it.”

Don’t confuse healthy stress with negative stress

Don’t fret over healthy stress; it’s the bad stress you should keep at bay. “My most stressful times in business have been my most financially successful times,” says Wells.

“We think of stress and we think you can only be stressed out when something bad is happening but you can definitely be very stressed when really good things are happening in your business life.”

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