Congresswoman Barbara Lee Is ‘Deeply Troubled’ by Trump’s Secretary of State Pick

Democrats, environmentalists, and even some Republicans are concerned about Trump's nomination of Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State

Barbara Lee

California Rep. Barbara Lee has joined the outcry of concern over President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to nominate ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.

The reality star-turned-politician announced Tuesday that he has decided to choose Tillerson to fill the top government position, calling him one of “the greatest business leaders in the world,” on Twitter. That incited a storm of fury from Democrats, environmental groups, and even some Republicans.

“I am deeply troubled by Donald Trump’s decision to nominate ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson to serve as our nation’s chief diplomat,”  Lee says, in a press release.”Donald Trump’s irresponsible selection of someone with no foreign policy experience for this post is unconscionable and dangerous,” she adds.

In the statement, the congresswoman also slammed the oil magnate for his close ties with Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

“Tillerson has a long track record of advocating for Russian interests. ExxonMobil has billions of dollars in business partnerships, with state-owned Russian companies that create clear and disqualifying conflicts of interest for this nomination. Tillerson has even received an award from Vladimir Putin himself,” she says.

“One of the greatest challenges any Secretary of State will face is addressing the crisis of climate change. Nominating the CEO of ExxonMobil for this role reinforces Donald Trump’s dangerous disregard for our planet and its inhabitants,” the statement continues.

Following Trump’s announcement, a few high-profile Republican senators also expressed concerns over Trump’s secretary of state pick.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has described Tillerson as “a respected businessman.” However, he added that he has “serious concerns about his nomination.” The former GOP presidential candidate also pledged “a full and fair, but also thorough hearing, before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.”

In order to prevent Tillerson’s nomination from being confirmed, three Republican senators would need to stand behind a united Democratic caucus in order to block the nomination.

  • Rob Appeldorn

    I’m deeply troubled by Ms. Lee’s inability to stop rampant crime in her district. There is someone shot here in Oakland every day, I have had two cars stolen and all of my cars have had windows broken. Instead of worrying about Trump, Ms.Lee should worry about her on district.

  • Todd Elliott Koger

    Laugh! Cringe!

    But it appears the only black leaders given opportunity to lead in America can’t build a complete sentence!!! They’re without the aptitude to communicate a proficient “subject-verb” pair. So how do we expect stale black leadership to catalyze change for America’s most-neediest population?

    President-Elect Donald Trump wants to enable the states with dedicated grants and implementation standards related to diversity, inclusion, and targeted hiring, and the resources necessary to spur investment in underserved black neighborhoods. Stopping gun violence, creating jobs, revitalizing education, replacing substandard housing, and strengthening families is the mandate we secured.

    Mr. Trump owes his victory to “predominately black Democratic strongholds of Pennsylvania” who were convinced to give Mr. Trump more votes than the previous Republican Party presidential candidate. African Americans like Todd Elliott Koger convinced hundreds of thousands blacks in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and various other states to “boycott” the vote and/or voting “straight” Democrat.

    Mr. Trump we want intensive support with operations, curriculum, instruction, and “school choice” for persistently low-achieving inner city public school districts. To provide career training in high-growth industries, manufacturing, and informational technology, your new administration just can’t parade the usual simpletons in front of the news media’s cameras.

    Don’t make the same mistake of your predecessor and hire a set quota of “incapable blacks” in your administration just to prove diversity. To encourage job creation, community redevelopment and sustainable BLACK LIFE, give us at least one “legitimate and capable” brother and/or sister. Put him/her in the West Wing with you and allow the “new” black leader opportunity to follow the PLAN to put neighborhood black boys and girls to work removing inner city blight and building affordable housing for black inner city families.

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