10 Creative Ways to Make Extra Money Now!

To quote Shakespeare: “To Thine Own Self Be True” applies to finding the right “Survival Job” for you. Be aware of your own personality and scheduling needs.  If you’re a people person, there are many jobs that will allow you to be social while working i.e. jobs in event planning, catering, trade shows and conventions, as opposed to someone who wants solitude and might be interested in being a proofreader or reviewer.

Often people don’t realize that talents and skills they already possess can be used to earn money.  Many people dog-sit for neighbors, paint houses, plan parties, build things, play a musical instrument, take excellent photographs, sing, have a flair for design, or are computer savvy.  All of these skills can be used to make money now! 

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  • Marisa

    It is true that many people don’t see that their already existing skills can be used to make money, be successful and even to pursue a career. It is when people work in a an area outside their existing interests and hobbies that they become stressed. I have personally tried to wake up and go to a job I love, and to wake up and go to a job ‘I can do’. Nobody should be doingn something they don’t love and enjoy.