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Creators of The Unlocked Summit Share 5 Career Tips For an Aspiring ‘Girl Boss’

The tips every aspiring girl boss needs to hear. 

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Career Advice

Nely Galán is Teaching Female Entrepreneurs How to Become ‘Self Made’

Nely Galán shares valuable, candid, no-nonsense lessons learned on her own path to becoming self-made.

Tanai Benard Dishes on ‘Wandering Mom’ Culture and International Travel Tips (Part III)

Tanai Benard wanted her children to know that they could experience the splendor of the…

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Dr. Kamau Bobb Talks Leadership and Diversity in STEM and Computer Science Education (Part I)

Dr. Kamau Bobb is not your average academic. For starters, his commitment to quality education…

Launch Your Life With The Single Wives Club and “Ready To Werk”

Single Wives Club is an education and empowerment organization for single ladies who are preparing…

Find Out How These Three Black Female Lawyers Started Their Own Law Firm After One Simple Tweet

See how one frustrated tweet led to female lawyers Keli Knight, Yondi Morris, and Jessica…

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30 Hottest Degrees for Veterans Revealed

Find out what degrees for veterans lead to the best jobs in today’s market and…

‘Wandering Mom’ Tanai Benard Talks New Culture, New Life, and Overcoming Obstacles (Part II)

She wanted her children to know that they could experience the splendor of the world…

‘Wandering Mom’ Tanai Benard Talks Leadership and Giving Her Children the World, Literally (PartI)

Her children are excelling both academically and socially. They’ve even learned to speak and write…

Changing Lanes


Career Transitions: 4 Quick Tips for Young Professionals to Turn a Temp Gig Into a Global Adventure

Susan Younis-Khobane has launched a successful international freelancing career, working for companies including MTV Africa…

Feeling Uninspired in Your Career? 25 Ways To Get Closer to Your Dream Job

Get unstuck in your career by following these daily tips.

Carve Your Own Path: How 5 Professionals Found Success in Unconventional Careers

Explore the world of wine and indulge. Spin a few tunes for notable brands and…

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How to Invest in Cannabis Stocks

While some stocks in these sectors have been high fliers, even more have gone bust…

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Dealing with a Recruiter: 5 Simple Do’s and Dont’s for Landing the Final Interview

Aisha M. Taylor, co-founder of TAYLORMade Professional Career Consulting, shares tips for job candidates going…

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