• cfran58

    your webpages stink! none of the links appear to work. it’s pretty hard to take an online magazine about business enterprise seriously when its site’s not functional. I suppose i never subscribed to Black Enterprise for the reason that we always seem to be trying but can’t!

  • JaySamone

    What is the issue with this page? I am pretty sure that someone has complained about it!! Well I would like to browse the site, so hopefully this issue will be resolved as soon as possible. It should be an easy fix.

    • Suyindyk

      I used to work there as a server. They did have a rahter intense process for the server to go through u had to be tested on all the ingred. in a dish. It was rahter fun though, because we got to taste alot of the items to make sure that we had the ingred. correct so as to be able to convey this to guests that were dining there. That was over 10 years ago for me, but I still recall the great tips and great people I met along the way. You’ll be awesome!!

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Women of Power

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On the Move: Jocelyn Allen to Lead GM Diversity Efforts; Chicago Defender Gets First Female Exec Editor

Both General Motors and the Chicago Defender appoint female power players to top leadership positions.

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Meet Dariany Santana, Co-Host of Women of Power TV

Model and actress Dariany Santana is one of the hosts of Women of Power TV.…

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