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  • Lana

    Mark,I could not agree with you more on Lithium and have said so in the past in postings. they track over 120 vbleaaris for each user using any of their communities. and they use those in tracking and managing super-users among other things (a lot of the other things they do are very, very cool but they are also mostly for internal consumption).as for internal communities, i also agree there. and socialtext is the tool equivalent of lithium for internal communities (in my most humble opinion). they are both established leaders by their sheer understanding of the data surrounding the communities not the communities themselves. of course, there are other tools both internal and external that apply here (and as far as i can tell, none of the ones mentioned are customers, still covered by the disclaimer above).the PE20 release covers, today, internal communities and i was trying to make a case for external communities. the fact that you related them so well makes my case (at least in my mind).thanks(someday me write with uppercases, promise)