Can’t Find a Job? Going Back to School May Not be Best Idea Either

Restrategizing your search before reinvesting in school might be a better option

Oftentimes it can get frustrating when you’ve been out of work and you haven’t found a great lead to that next dream gig. You’ve sent out resumes, you’ve networked, you’ve even downgraded your expectations and applied for positions you’re overqualified for.

The next thought might be to give the search a rest and invest in grad school or another advanced degree to make yourself more marketable and to take your mind off the depressing aspect of yet another rejection.

Robert Chin, professional coach and founder of Embrace Possibility, offers a few reasons this may not be such a great idea and how you can regroup for job seeking success:

Picture yourself with two candidates:

  1. John, who has an advanced degree but little practical experience or
  2. Peter, who has demonstrated ability and experience to get the specific job done

Who would you hire?

For those of you who chose John, let me know how it goes.

For those who chose Peter, read on.

What does this all mean? How does this apply to YOU?

The lesson is simple: be like Peter. Be the guy who has the experience, rather than the guy who has the education.

I know what you’re thinking: It’s like the chicken and the egg. I need experience to get the job, and I need the job to get experience. Which one comes first?

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  • Henrietta Hughes

    while all the above business owner successors are set and into their created business, its not as easy as your make it seem. I fit the description of John above, I have an advance degree and is unemployed. Unemployed for the past 2 years, I’ve been unemployed with a Masters in Business Management and an undergraduate degree in Human Resource. I also have 7 years as a classroom teacher lead teacher in private school and been on countless interviews, but not job. I’ve started to create my own source of earning an income by taking on 3 clients with children ages 3,4 and 6 who need a ride to school, tutoring, babysitting and or Nanny duties just to earn some money. I want to start a business dropping off and picking up children at private or charter school because these are the schools I take the kids I look after to. I see a great need for parents who are busy and have the money to pay for childcare pickup and drop off at their homes, but I don’t have the resources. I use my own car, which has created lot of ware and tear on my vehicle and it would benefit me if I had other a van so that I can pickup and drop off kids. I’ve visited the SBA here in Atlanta and its was no help. It is unbelievable to get the correct info from those people that will help the individual in my position, help??