How To Gauge When It is Time to Pass the Torch

4 ways you will know it is time to move on.


Everyone has their season. This includes being in a leadership position in a company. Whether you are liked or disliked, knowing when to go is an important part of advancing your career. You may have not realized you have hit your plateau and the “tried and true” is no longer working. The company may not be kicking you out, and realizing that it’s time to go will be up to you. Inc writer, Samuel Bacharach, gives 4 clues that will show you it is time to go.

Is my knowledge base static?

If you find yourself more and more out of sync with changing technologies, changing markets, and changing ideas and concepts, then you may have to consider making room for the younger generation.

Is my network expanding?

Leadership is based on your ability to network, make new connections, and find new links.  If you find yourself dealing with the same people all the time, then maybe it is time to reconsider your position.

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