9 Responses to London’s Top Black Women of Power

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  3. papaoneluv says:

    First time seeing a photo outside of movie pictures ,more beautiful than I thought , plays her parts with perfection Big ups ,keep doing what your doing, One Luv !

  4. blackwoman says:

    I love a strong black woman. Every strong black man needs a strong black woman by his side. Thats just the truth.

  5. MsXpat says:

    Wow, what lovely creative ladies, I didn’t know about their work. Good to know :0)

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  7. Career Engineer says:

    REALLY enjoyed this piece. Surprised NOT to see CEO of (London Based) Black owned cosmetics company owned by Dr, Yana Johnson

  8. StanW says:

    I think in the future this series should be titled “Black Men and Women of Influence” instead of “Power.” There is reality very little real “power” in the group that were selected. However, it was good to see something about our fellow black Brits because we get so little news about them here in the states.

  9. Carolina says:

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