Time’s Up: Extended Unemployment Benefits Expire

Federal extended unemployment benefits ended Nov. 30, threatening to leave the jobless without much needed resources

As we head into the holiday season, nearly 2 million people won’t be so jolly.

The Senate’s decision not to renew federal extended unemployment benefits became a reality when Tuesday’s deadline hit. The congressional decision worries many state unemployment agencies, whose responsibilities include distributing state unemployment checks to those who are out of work, because most of the recipients count on those checks to pay for essentials such as food and rent.

“It’s a critical safety net program,” said Nancy Dunphy, New York State’s deputy commissioner of labor for unemployment security, to CNNMoney.com. “This is the worst time of year to be running out of benefits.”

Next April, another four million people will join the pool of unemployed whose benefits have been axed. Unemployed Americans whose state benefits have run their course are already blocked from entering the federal system in many states, and after this weekend, those already in a federal emergency benefits system will not be able to move to the next tier to receive compensation.

Are you currently receiving unemployment? Be sure to check with your state agencies to see whether or not you should still file claims or what steps you may be able to take to continue to receive your beneifits.

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3 Responses to Time’s Up: Extended Unemployment Benefits Expire

  1. Jane Eyre says:

    This is such sad news, and right after Thanksgiving. Makes me wonder if crime rates will also go up. I’m noticing in my neighborhood a rash (at least 3) of cars being broken into–their windows smashed. Wonder if there is a connection. Yet the Republicans insist on extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. They aren’t interested in governing or in serving the American people–they’re only interested in their own political power. This is no longer the land of opportunity.

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