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UBR Spotlight: Frank Kendrick and Tim Jackson of NuJak Construction

More on the entrepreneurs, business strategies and economic news featured on The Urban Business Roundtable

This week on The Urban Business Roundtable: NuJak Construction Partners Frank Kendrick and Tim Jackson;…

By Alfred Edmond, Jr.

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Staples and LinkedIn Create Small Business Community on Platform

Partnership will provide advice and networking opportunities for small businesses on LinkedIn

Premier office product company Staples has teamed up with LinkedIn to launch an online forum,…

By Janel Martinez

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5 Biggest Social Media Fails of 2012

A few of the biggest social media fails this year

A few of the biggest social media fails this year.

By C. Daniel Baker

Black Architects say Columbia Shut Them out of $6.3 Billion Harlem Campus

Black Architects: “Columbia Univ. Shut us Out of $6.3 Billion Harlem Campus”

Instead of real work, group of black architects were offered menial projects.

University promised affirmative action in hiring on project.

By C. Daniel Baker

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Investment Firm Drops Manufacturer of Gun Used in Newtown Shooting

Citing mounting public pressure, firm takes stand on gun control.

Cerberus Capital called the shooting a “watershed event that has raised the national debate on…

By C. Daniel Baker

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Gun Stores See Increase in Business after Newtown Shooting

Customers are concerned about possible restrictions on gun ownership.

Store owners see sales increase due to tragedy and fear of new gun laws.

By C. Daniel Baker

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5 Quick Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Small Business Owners Want More Content, According to New Report

Small business owners want Interesting, engaging content from brands they follow on social media.

Entrepreneurs want more information and content from brands on social media, as they find it…

By C. Daniel Baker

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Ho, Ho, Ho! Local Businesses See a Boost from SantaCon

The annual event brings good tide and profits to small businesses.

Part Costume Parade and part fundraiser, local businesses enjoy the annual event.

By C. Daniel Baker

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Beats By Dre Moves to Ireland to Beat the Taxman

Following the example of other celebrities, Dr. Dre uses the low Irish tax rate to save money

Dr Dre’s headphone business moves to Ireland to pay less taxes. He is following in…

By C. Daniel Baker

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Domino’s Pizza Founder Sues Government Over Obamacare

The pizza chain founder files one of many pending lawsuits against Obamacare

Founder sues the Federal government saying providing mandatory contraception and abortions is immoral.

By Makkada B. Selah

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Would you Move your Startup to St. Louis for 50k?

New grant gives cash if you move your business to St. Louis

Twenty people will win grants to fund businesses in St. Louis

By Makkada B. Selah

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The 5 Most Friendly States for Entrepreneurs

A recent study ranked these as the friendliest states to do business in

Did your city make the list?

By C. Daniel Baker

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new york

The 5 Least Friendly States for Entrepreneurs

A study rated these the least friendly states for entrepreneurs

Check out the findings from the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

By C. Daniel Baker

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How Small Business Owners Can Profit from Being Politically Active

Sometimes making your business successful is all about having the right connections

Every small business owner wants to be successful but many oftentimes overlook the importance of…

By Raynard Jackson

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Where Marijuana is Legal, Dealers prepare to battle Corporate Cannabis

Street Drug Dealers Fear Business Loss From Legal Weed Dealers Across Country

With the coming "Green Rush," street level weed dealers fear the future

Small time dealers prepare to get pushed out

By C. Daniel Baker

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SBA to Award Grants to Support R&D, Small Business Innovation

New Government Website Offers Assistance on the Road to Self-Employment

New site helps those looking to create jobs in their communities

The SBA announced a new website to help states offer Self-Employment Assistance programs to those…

By C. Daniel Baker


WordPress Offers New Managed Hosting Solution for Small Businesses

Blogging platform unveils new option for small biz owners Enterprise gives users unlimited traffic, bandwidth and storage for $500 a month.

By C. Daniel Baker

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How One Man’s Last Name Generated $6 Million Dollars

Entrepreneur Auctions his Name off to the Highest Bidder

Jason Sadler auctioned off the rights to his last name to raise capital.

The entrepreneur behind is back with another guerrilla marketing campaign

By C. Daniel Baker


It’s Not Just a Party: Quick Tips for Young Events Entrepreneurs

Executive talks brand-building at a global startup

It’s not just about throwing a good party. It’s about a brand experience. Here are…

By Janell Hazelwood

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How a 24 year old Entrepreneur Made the World’s Most Exclusive Shoe

How a 24-Year-Old Entrepreneur Made the World’s Most Exclusive Shoe

By adding Swarovski crystals to high end shoes, Evelyn Fox created her unique business.

The 24-year-old jumped head first into high fashion.

By C. Daniel Baker

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