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Zhong Lin Wang's new form of energy generation could let you power an iPhone simply by walking down the block.

Need to Charge Your Phone? Go for a Walk

Researcher Zhong Lin Wang's new power source is inspired by the same prinicples that makes your hair stand on end: static electricity.

Zhong Lin Wang’s new form of energy generation could let you power an iPhone simply…

By Patrick Austin

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Facebook and Instagram Reveal New Rules to Combat Gun Sales

Facebook's new rules will provide a warning and in-app education if users search for the purpose of purchasing illegal firearms

Facebook just announced new rules

By Patrick Austin

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New Museum's NEW INC program is the first tech incubator created by a museum.

New York’s New Museum is Opening a Tech Incubator

The first class will have 100 spots open for year-long residencies

The New Museum is starting up an interesting technology project

By Patrick Austin

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Flexcoins offline bitcoins are safe, but the company has no way to replace the hundreds that were stolen.

Another Bitcoin Bank is Robbed By Hackers

The banking and wallet service had its wallet cleaned out less than one month after the largest bitcoin exchange was robbed of its 744,000 bitcoins

Who will be struck next?

By Patrick Austin

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Comcast Extends Program Offering Low-Income Families Free Broadband Access

The cable giant's merger with Time Warner Cable will expand the low-income service to even more major cities across America

Are you receiving the service from Comcast?

By Patrick Austin

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The next-generation console is leading the charge in console gaming, outselling Microsoft's Xbox One.

Sony’s PS4 Sells 6 Million Units Thanks to Japanese Launch

The Japanese company sold 5 million consoles before bringing it to its home base

Will Xbox ever catch up?

By Patrick Austin

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In "The Internship," Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn play Google interns. According to Glassdoor, they are the ninth-highest paying company for interns.

San Francisco Tech Interns Earn More Than Median U.S. Household

Software and services company Palantir takes the top spot, paying about $7,000 per month

Being an intern doesn’t sound so bad after all

By Patrick Austin

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Kickstarter's users have pledged over $1 billion to various projects, including the Veronica Mars movie.

Kickstarter Reaches $1 Billion in Pledges

$619 million of Kickstarter's billion-dollar milestone came from returning donors

More than half of the $1 billion was raised since March of last year

By Patrick Austin

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The Microsoft founder has given away over $23 billion thanks to his philanthropic organization.

Bill Gates is, Again, the Richest Person in the World

He's stepped down as Chairman at Microsoft, but will be helping new CEO Satya Nadella as his Technology Advisor

Microsoft stock rose and so did Gates’ bank account

By Patrick Austin

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WhatsApp Sales Means Major Payday for Employees

Employees to receive close to 1% share of company

One of the major headlines following the announcement of the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook…

By Sasha King

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Apple's TV accessory lets you stream music, movies, and podcasts from the iTunes store.

Apple Sells Over 10 Million Apple TV’s in 2013

“It’s a little more difficult to call it a hobby these days,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook in Friday's shareholder's meeting

How many more will they sell?

By Patrick Austin

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At over $600 the Blackphone is a little pricey, but comes bundled with various encryption and security services.

Geeksphone’s Blackphone Makes Security Simple

Blackphone, a joint venture between America's Silent Circle and Spain's Geeksphone, may give you peace of mind through encryption

The $629 Blackphone comes bundled with phone and text encryption services

By Patrick Austin

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The Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange filed for bankruptcy after losing $473 million in bitcoins.

Mt. Gox Goes Bankrupt, Losing Nearly 750,000 Bitcoins

The Bitcoin exchange company, Mt. Gox, has filed for bankruptcy protection but the feds are still looking into investigating its business practices

The feds are still looking into investigating its business practices

By Patrick Austin

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The electric car manufacturer has Supercharger stations throughout the country, enabling coast-to-coast travel.

Tesla Reveals Plans for $5 Billion Battery Factory

The 10 million-square-foot facility would allow Tesla to make 500,000 vehicles per year

Tesla Motors announced its plans to create its proposed “Gigafactory,” a massive $5 billion battery…

By Patrick Austin

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The security hole allowed hackers to spy on your unencrypted data ranging from bank information to personal emails.

Update Your iPhone Before Hackers Steal Your Data

Apple's security patch fixes a major bug affecting millions of iOS devices and Macs

iPhone hackers are stealing data so you better update it soon

By Patrick Austin

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The Android smartphone isn't boasting any high-end specs, but does have a removable panel for modular add-ons.

Boeing Debuts Self-Destructing Android Smartphone

The Boeing Black is meant to handle sensitive data and "self destruct" if the device is tampered with

Boeing’s “Black” smartphone can wipe its contents as soon as someone tries to break inside

By Patrick Austin

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Join IBOM LLC and Black Enterprise for a conversation on using social media to take your business global.

#SMW 2014: Innov8tiv Talks How to Launch A Global Business

Technology news site Innov8tiv, hosted a panel during Social Media Week 2014 at NYU, in partnership with IBOM LLC, and Black Enterprise

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margin: auto;

By Patrick Austin

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The telescope was launched in 2009 and has discovered over 900 planets.

NASA’s Kepler Mission Discovers 715 New Planets

The exoplanets orbit 305 stars, revealing the existence of more multiple-planet systems similar to ours

One planet in the habitable zone is twice the size of Earth

By Patrick Austin

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Lighthouse Digital will be renamed SMG Lighthouse and become a part of Publicis Groupe's Starcom MediaVest Group division.

Publicis, Omnicom Purchase African, Indian Marketing Startups

The marketing agency is the largest advertising company in sub-Saharan Africa

Publicis Omnicom Groupe keeps making major moves

By Patrick Austin

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The all-electric luxury sedan scored a near-perfect score in Consumer Reports' tests.

Tesla Model S Named Best Overall Car of 2014

The all-electric sedan is pricey, but Consumer Reports says it's a "technological tour-de-force"

It’s the first all-electric vehicle to win the coveted spot

By Patrick Austin

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