Kid’s Program

Kidpreneur/Teenpreneur Conference hosted by  Wendy's

Great entrepreneurs come in all sizes-and ages! That’s why we welcome young business talent for our Kidpreneur/Teenpreneur program. We focus on enhancing your child’s business savvy, giving them an opportunity to learn the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship and apply those skills and techniques in crafting a viable business plan. With experienced entrepreneurs enlisted as instructors, we guarantee an enriching, motivating experience that will help transform mini minds into major players. Space is limited so register now! It’s sure to be a worthy investment in your child’s future!

Kidpreneur/Teenpreneurs will:

  • Explore options for solving a challenge within a company
  • Understand investing and saving
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Learn from successful educators, entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals
  • Network with their peers from around the country
  • Collaborate on projects and learn to be team players
  • Develop and practice presentation skills

Three levels of instruction:

  • Presidents Club (14-17)
  • Future CEOs (11-13)
  • Futurepreneurs (Ages 7-10)

Please note: Kidpreneur/Teenpreneur Conference participants must accompany an adult registered for the Entrepreneurs Conference. Due to classroom size, group registration is limited.

To register your child(ren), click here.


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