Are NMSDC and Supplier Diversity at a Crossroads?

Is supplier diversity a priority for the NMSDC anymore?

nmsdcAs you have read in my recent articles (links are at the end of this post) on current NMSDC (National Minority Supplier Development Council) affairs, the organization is going through some radical changes, even rough times. If you decide to read this piece as well, I urge you to read it in its entirety, as there are many nuances to this.

To recap – the “new” NMSDC leadership (since the summer of 2010, led by President Joset Wright) has apparently decided to consolidate and centralize the power of the organization, reduce the number of regional councils, pour their diverse supplier database into a national registry, and quite likely (although not written in stone yet) also roll up all the regional councils into a single entity nationwide. These changes will create a leaner NMSDC – with reduced administrative overhead – but my question is how well does this support their supplier diversity mission?

My sources suggest that there now is a rift between the old guard and the new team, with different opinions on how to take the organization forward. Specifically, not all among the “old” leadership are on board with the changes.

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  • At a crossroads? That’s all possible and if they really want to achieve it.

  • DH

    There’s a lot f issues here. First, if anyone believes NMSDC has ever cared broadly for MBE’s, you are wrong. Thier training programs, besides the data base is WEAK. The Information Center has been a joke for years. And, to be located in high-priced realestate in NYC, versus beng more centrally located to most busineses has been an issue. Most regional Councils have been ineffective as well. Sounds like the President is trying to remove dead weight. What that means for MBE’s broadly s anyone’s guess.
    BTW…what do major corporations really get for thier $30-50,000 annual fees?????