7 Secret Beaches in Europe

Secret beach locations across Europe that won't be crowded with tourists.

From Huffington Post

If you enjoy frequenting the beach during the summer months and find that you will be traveling internationally there are a few things you should know. If you need a sunny destination that won’t have a lot of people there are a few beaches in Europe that won’t be over-crowded with tourists.

You’ve donned oversize sunglasses and slathered on sunscreen for a blissed-out day of sunbathing along the French Riviera — you and about a million other pasty tourists. Finding your own little slice of sand in Europe can be as challenging as finding a local boutique open in August.

“You have to be prepared to make that extra effort: a drive down a dirt track, a hike down and around a hill, or a boat ride around a headland,” Kirsty Hathaway, editor of Beach Tomato, says. “There’s a direct correlation between just how amazing a beach is and the difficulty in getting there.”

Read on for more off-the-beaten-path beach escapes. And don’t worry — you can still rock those shades.

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