Black Blogger Month: The Field Negro, Nothing But the Truth

Lawyer by day and blogger by night, Wayne Bennett delivers his unbiased opinion on issues that impact the Black community at large

Wayne Bennett, founder of The Field Negro (Image: Shareif Ziyadat )

There’s something to be said about being so passionate about a subject that you get kicked off a blog for commenting too much. Wayne Bennett didn’t let that closed door stop him. Instead, he took his views and launched The Field Negro, a no-holds-barred space to duke it out over politics and race. A lawyer by day, the Philadelphia native has cemented himself as a voice to be heard, even if that means pissing some folks off. The disclaimer on his site is clear: “The views expressed on this site are the field’s and the field’s alone.” Bennett isn’t alone because his site receives 80,000 views a month. With that kind of traffic, Bennett could easily earn some serious cash but has decided, for now, not to have ads on his site. “Money is nice,” he says, “but being able to speak my mind is better.”

Since launching in 2006, The Field Negro has been awarded numerous times, winning several Black Weblog Awards—including Best Political News Blog in 2007 and again in 2009 [Judges Vote] and 2011. Bennett’s also been featured in the LA Times, New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer. Now, the opinionated scribe is recognized as part of’s Black Blogger Month for his work in the digital space.

I started blogging…

After getting booted from another African American website (I won’t put her on blast) for being too “outspoken” in the comments section. I vowed that I would start my own blog and look down on her on my way up. Also, I love to write and I am very opinionated.

The Field Negro is unique because…

I try to be honest with my readers no matter where it leads, and I like to think of my writing style as being somewhat unconventional. It’s actually an acquired taste. My comments section is also different from most Black blogs because I don’t censor anyone. I get a lot of heat for it because invariably the storm front people always find me because of my handle and my position with the Google search engine. They make the vilest and most ignorant comments you can imagine. Still, I think it’s important to put it out there so that folks can know what they are dealing with in our so-called “post-racial” country.

People trust my brand because…

They know that when I write, I write from the heart. I am not afraid to be honest with them and take unpopular positions.

The biggest mistake I ever made in business was…

Trusting others to do the work I should do myself.

What I learned from that was to…

Do as much by myself as possible; even if it means that I have to work harder

I realized blogging was a business when…

I met the young lady who started Bossip [Marve Frazier] and I learned how much she made in a year. And then there was Arianna Huffington selling her company to AOL for $315 million.

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  1. StillaPanther2 says:

    Brother Field…..hoping you have a good time this weekend at the summit. Spouse working and I don’t have a rider/driver. Maybe next year. Will follow the tweets. StillaPanther2

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