New York Fashion Week: Monday’s Picks

Hot looks for the office from the Fall 2009 collections

Tracy Reese


This designer, one of the top African American designers (or top designers, period) in the fashion industry today, had some interesting pieces this year. I especially like the pinstriped pants and oxford shoe this model is wearing.






I love how this shift could go from the office to cocktail hour. And the incorporation of the hipster glasses actually doesn’t hurt. I would not recommend wearing the gloves and fur inside the office, but paired with a nice single-breasted coat, you’d def. be arriving at the office looking fabulous.





The cut of this coat and dress are really what sparked my attention. I am not necessarily a fan of the two patterns together, however this is a prime example of how a flowy dress can be incorporated into office wear by pairing it with a long, men’s-cut coat or blazer.

Janell Hazelwood is the copy editor and a reporter for