Why The ‘White Women Are Winning’ Argument is a Losing One

Columnist says she's 'over' racial comparison when it comes to marriage success

Columnist questions notion that white women are 'winning' when it comes to marriage (Image: Thinkstock)

When I saw the title of Andrea Michelle’s Uptown magazine article Why White Women Are Winning, my eyes hit the ceiling. What a silly notion. What, exactly, is the sense in making white women some sort of normative group that black women should compare themselves to? While we do need to examine certain disparities across racial lines from time to time, I don’t think that marriage statistics is one of those issues; furthermore, as there is no proven universal standard white relationship behavior or black relationship behavior, we can’t make a reasoned comparison. Throw in the unique challenges that black women (and men) face in mating that are influenced by centuries of race-based oppression that white daters aren’t contending with and I’m already over this article before I read it.

And then I read it. And I was even more over it.

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  • chillinyc

    If you “need to examine certain disparities across racial lines from time to time,” you need to examine the fact that a website, a magazine(s), and a tv network already exist for black people. I feel like this is a hot subject that no one writes about. Seriously… I’d be interested to read!

    • Lisa

      Yeah, right after you read how the other 100 channels and 50 magazines are owned operated and features 95% or more of white people. Then maybe you will be able to understand how 1 channel and a few magazines is just a drop in the bucket. REALLY!

      • Penile Implant

        Whatever Lisa,

        Lets be honest, on cable half the f’ing stations are sports stations, and we know who dominates in those arenas. And I think Chillynyc is making the point that you have SPECIFIC geared channels like BET. if WET made an appeareance it would be a regular hoot-n-nanny.

  • jim masterson

    Mrs. 0bama, 0prah, and the Williiam’s sisters. They can match up and day with Her Thigness(Hil-D0g) Rosie the Lesbeaux and the two witches, Behar and Walters. Walters loved the black senator from Mass. Brooks? He was a Republican btw, as was Abe Lincoln, and the Republican party platform from 1860 to 1964 always had equal rights in it for the black, colored, negro.

  • Baldheaded Foo

    I think black women need to worry more about latinas these days than white girls. Latinas have the best of both worlds: white woman’s hair and black woman’s curves and booty. White women are old school.

  • LatinaLover

    Baldheaded Foo is correct. White women have BEEN out for a LONG time in my hood. We all peepin salsas and flip chicks now.

  • SoulMan

    “Latinas have the best of both worlds: white woman’s hair and black woman’s curves and booty.”

    Lol, so true! latinas and middle eastern/armenian chicks are the sexiest these days. If you live in a non-diverse place then you have to still have to deal with white women. Glad that’s not me!

  • RockStarr

    Latinas can be very sexy, agreed. But we need to support the sistas too. Personally, I don’t think a lot of black women are as ghetto as they used to be 5, 10 or 20 years ago. That helps a lot. And remember it was black men who first encouraged the sistas to be ghetto (remember the songs back in da day: fly girl, around the way girl). The media needs to catch up, white girls HAVE BEEN out for awhile!

  • InstantReplay

    Black men still like white women?? where?? Most I know are diggin spanish chicks now.

  • jay

    Why are black people so obsessed with race?

    • Myrella

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