5 Responses to Ask the Money Coach: 5 Steps to Take When a Relative Ruins Your Credit

  1. Latricia Davis says:

    Hello! How are you doing? Good I hope my name is Latricia Davis and I work for (M.S.C)- Mi

  2. Latricia Davis says:

    Hello!! How are you doing?? Good I hope. My name is Latricia Davis and I work for (M.S.C) Military Sealift Command for the Navy for 4 years now. I am trying to built up my credit with in an year to buy a first time home buyer with an government grants or a grants. I am a single mom with two kids and right now my credit score is 592. How can I get the help I need? I am 29 years old. Thank you for helping me and right now I am over sea.

  3. the Credit Rock Star, Credit & Debt Expert says:

    Hello Latricia,

    I am the founder of I can assist you. Please contact us directly via our website or at (877)424-7381.

    we provide consultation for FREE

    Since 2007, The Credit Rock Star has educated and empowered hundreds of families to improve their credit ratings and better manage their financial situation.

    Our industry training and certifications include:
    *CDIA FCRA Certifications for: Consumer Reporting Agencies, Data Furnisher, Data Users, and Data Security Awareness
    *CROA (Credit Repair Organizations Act) Certification via the National Association of Credit Services Organization
    *Certified Credit Counselor, Home-ownership Counselor, Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (Reverse Mortgage) Counselor and Community Lender via Neighbor Works Training Institute
    *Certified Foreclosure Counselor via National Council of LaRaza
    *HUD approved Housing Counselor

  4. Carolyn says:

    I’ve heard it said that to get out of debt, pay the bills with the highest interest rate first. Once those have been paid, put the money I was paying on those to the next ones. (All along paying what I can on the others). Do you believe this is the best practice?

    Also, my credit (as you may have guessed) is in the toilet. My husband and I have equity in our home, we need a new furnace but are having a difficult time getting a furnace financed. Help please!!

  5. Chamartan says:

    i am being accused of using my ex-husband’s social security number to open loans.  The fact of the matter is that my name is being used with ex-husband’s social security number but i know who the culprit really can i prove it?

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