• Edward R. Haynes

    Dear Mr. Lucas,
    Thank you for the help that you have given to the many individuals and organizations that are in need of a helping hand.
    I’m an 84 year old African American Man. I spent 9 years in the U.S. Army. Basic training at Ft Bragg in 1950, Jump school at Fort Benning, GA in 1951, and served in Korea; December 1951 to January 1953. I’m a disabled service connected veteran, and the VA provides me with enough income for my day to day living.
    During the past ten years, I have been trying to become a good writer. A few years ago I began writing about Deep Space Travel ‘When Duty Calls.’ I’m not sure if it should be a book, movie, or made into a television series. That is my primary reason for contacting you.
    Because I believe you to be an honorable person, I am sending you a copy of ‘When Duty Calls’ If you can make it into something profitable; use it to help needy orgs like St. Children Research Hospital.
    I’m getting too old to continue holding on to my good writings. Let me know if there is value to this document.
    Edward R. Haynes
    1908 Ming Ave.
    Bakersfield, CA 93304


    • A vicious, Crime is Committed……………………………………..……………….2
    • Crime Cine Investigation………………………………………………..……….…… 3
    • Identifying Witnesses……………………………………………………………………3
    • Police suspect; Mr. Leon Evens…………………………………………………….3
    • LAPD documented the case and submitted it to the DA…………….…4
    • Judge Michael T. Lowe begins the Court Trial, Mr. Evans pleads,
    • guilty ……………………………………………………………………………………..….5
    • Judge Lowe sentences Mr. Evans to death…………………………………..6
    • Mr. Evans was transported to San Quentin’s Prison……………….……6
    • Mr. Evans established good relations with prison officials…………..4
    • Mr. Evans educated himself while in prison…………………………….….7
    • Warden Vincent J. Cullen visit Mr. Evans……………………………..…….10
    • Saturday April 1, 2051; earth is shaken by an asteroid………….……11
    • Sunday April 2, 2051, 4:00pm; President Marc W. Mezvinsky Jr. addresses the nation and the world……….…………………………………..………………12
    • Scientific experts from around the world meet with Mr. Evans….14
    • Mr. Evans presents an outline for a manned flight to deep space.20
    THE complete list of cast members will be UPDATED as the episodes of this document are developed.

    The writer feels that DUE TO THE LENGTH OF THIS FUTURISTIC STORY, IT SHOULD BE PRESENTED in a series OF TELEVISION EPISODES. If this story is presented as a movie version; due to its length, perhaps, it may be best to present it in more than one part.

    It was pleasant day at 9:30am on February 28, 2039. One thousand to Twelve hundred feet in the sky; a helicopter equipped with a professional high-tech digital camera appears almost motionless over West Los Angeles. The camera is focused on the area known as Hancock Park; a ritzy community between West Los Angeles and Beverley Hills; its boundary streets are Wilshire Blvd. and Melrose Blvd; east and west, and the north and south boundaries are Arden Blvd. and La Brea Ave. It is a clearing gloom-and-doom day in Los Angeles, but a typical morning otherwise. Emergency Vehicles’ sirens can be heard in the background. As our camera zooms in on the area, the volume of the sounds increases to a typical street level sound.

    ACT TWO; SCENE ONE: The camera pans onto a beautiful house in the 300 block of South Rossmore Ave. But the beauty of the home soon fades from our minds as we see about 15 police cars parked in the driveway and on the street in front of the house. Two of the vehicles displayed CRIME SCIEN INVESTIGATION on them. Inquisitive individuals of the press and just curious by-passers in the area were kept at a distance by the police tape lines and Police Sentries posted at third, fourth, and fifth streets. However, one of the Police was heard telling a, working press member, that a family, of three, had been murdered.


    ACT TWO; SCENE TWO: Outside of the house, police detectives were collecting information from individuals. Two of them were standing in the yard of the house next door, talking with Mr. Alfred Holtzclaw. One of the detectives was holding a recording device; the other detective was making notes of a pad. Mr. Holtaclaw told them that he heard gun shots. And just as he stepped out of his front door, he saw a man running from the house, going north on Rossmore Ave. Mr. Holtzclaw gave the detectives a detail description of the man. Therefore the police issued an all points alert for the alleged killer.

    ACT THREE; SCENE ONE: Within one hour, the police had their suspect. He was identified as Leon Evans; a 6-feet 3-inch black man. He was picked up just blocks away from the home of the crime; on Santa Monica Blvd. near the Sears building. As the suspect sat in the back seat of the police squad car, they drove back by the house on Rossmore Ave. where Mr. Holtzclaw identified the suspect as the man that he saw running out of the house just after he heard the gun shots.
    ACT FOUR; SCENE ONE: Downtown at the Parker Center, Police Headquarters, Leon Evans had been read his rights, booked, and locked in a private cell. The Police assigned to the case was busy preparing their first submission of the case to the LA District Attorney. Other police, staff members was busy assuring that the next of kin family members had been notified. And they were gathering information to be given at a press meeting within one hour. The Press Meeting was held at 5:00 pm. The LAPD answered as many questions as they could before closing the meeting.

    June 4, 2039, was the day of Mr. Evans trial. Members of the press and as many of the general public as the court room could old were present and seated. The court was called to order, and everyone stood as the presiding Judge Michael T. Lowe entered the court room. Judge Lowe acknowledged Assistance District Attorney Lori Battenberg, as the prosecutor’s representative for the case; and Attorney Randy W. Billings as Mr. Evans defense lawyer.
    The appointed Jury was introduced. Neither the prosecutor nor the defense objected to and of the jury members. Therefore, the Jury was selected by the court.
    The Judge gave his procedural disclaimer instructions that he expected everyone to follow.

    The Judge then, asked the defender to stand. After Mr. Evans stood, the Judge asked him, “how do you plead, guilty or not guilty?” To everyone’s surprise, even the defense attorney; Mr. Evans said “guilty.” The Judge then, asked Mr. Evans if he wanted to make a statement or give an explanation for his crime. Mr. Evens said “I am sorry for what I did. My only excuse is that, since the day I was born; I have never had anyone teach me right from wrong. Therefore, I have been unable to control my actions. My mother and father were drug addicts; and they were dead by the time I was 16 years old. I have been on some type of drugs since the age of ten. As for my crime; I did not want to kill anyone when I went to that house. I just wanted money to buy drugs. I do not expect my punishment to be light or easy for what I have done. Perhaps if you kill me, it would be best for everyone.” With tears in his eyes, Mr. Evans took his seat.

    Judge Lowe then said that the prosecutor would have to present the case for the benefit of the Jury, because they would have to decide on the sentence.
    As a formality, Judge Lowe invited the prosecutor; Lori Battenberg to begin their closing statements. Ms. Battenberg ended her statements by asking for the death penalty.
    Mr. Billings made a relative short statement on behalf of the defendant. He said, “As we all just heard, the defendant has negated any defensive closing statement, on his behalf. But, he hopes that by letting the facts of his early life be known; the lack of adequate parenting, and his life of drug addiction be known, perhaps, it may bring help other children to become law-biding productive citizens.” He also said that, “he regrets the lives that he has taken and the grief that he has caused.” As his Defense Attorney, I’m asking for sentence of life without the possibility of parole.
    The Judge dismissed the jury to their chamber, to decide penalty verdict. Judge Lowe adjoined the court.

    The next day, the Jury returned with a death penalty verdict of first degree murder.

    The Judge said that he would give a final ruling on July 4, 2039.

    ACT SEVEN; SCENE ONE: July 4, 2039, Judge Lowe accepted the Jury’s recommendations and sentenced Leon Evans to death. The Judge thanked the Jury and dismissed them. Then, he adjourned the court.

    ACT EIGHT; SCENE ONE: On Friday morning August 6, 2039 Leon Evans was transported to San Quentin’s Prison, and put in locked down on Death Row.
    After six months, he was transferred to cell 2454; a cell next to cell 2455 that was occupied by Caryl Chessman prior to his execution at San Quentin. Caryl Chessman’s time spent on death row was; eleven years and ten months.

    ACT NINE; SCENE ONE: The appeal process for death row inmates takes five to fifteen years, and sometime longer. During Mr. Evans time there, he did not seem to have to make an adjustment. He seemed quite relaxed, and did everything he was told to do; he followed all the rules. And his days flowed into weeks, and the weeks into months, and the months flowed into years. He began to realize that when God gave mankind “life and time,” those were the only two gifts to mankind that were needed to assure perpetual life for his world. Mr. Evans cherished the thought of ‘what a wonderful commodity life and time is that God has given to mankind; if only it will be used to improve life for future generations. He spent much time thinking about what he could possibly do to help preserve God’s great world.
    ACT TEN; SCENE ONE: Because of Mr. Evans mild behavior, he was allowed to have more reading books and writing materials than other prisoners. Therefore, he became an avid reader and a prolific writer. He could read a 200 page book in 24 hours, while making detail commentary notes. He became enthusiastically very interested in the subject of Time and Space. He read many books relating to astrophysics, and also a number of books relating to historical world governments and their forms of governing and political systems. Below is a list of books that Mr. Evans read. The first eight books of the following list of books that Mr. Evans read were written by: Dr. Neil de Grasse Tyson; the remaining list of books were written by various artists:
    • Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries
    • Origins: Fourteen Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution
    • The Pluto Files: The Rise and Fall of America’s
    • Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier
    • The Sky Is Not the Limit: Adventures of an Urban Astrophysicist
    • Merlin’s Tour of the Universe
    • One Universe:: At Home in the Cosmos
    • Cosmic Horizons
    • The System of the World by Isaac Newton
    • On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
    • Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift
    • The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine
    • The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith
    • The Art of War by Sun Tsu
    • The Prince by Machiavelli
    • A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking
    • The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow
    • The Theory Of Everything by Stephen W Hawking
    • George’s Secret Key to the Universe by Stephen Hawking, Lucy Hawking and Garry Parsons
    • On the Shoulders of Giants: The Great Works of Physics and Astronomy by Stephen Hawking
    • Black Holes And Baby Universes And Other Essays by Stephen Hawking
    • Dreams That Stuff Is Made Of by Stephen Hawking
    • The Principle of Relativity (Dover Books on Physics) by Albert Einstein, Francis A. Davis and Physics
    • The Evolution of Physics by Albert Einstein and Leopold Infeld
    • The World As I See It by Albert Einstein
    • Ideas And Opinions by Albert Einstein

    He had read everything written by Steven Hawkin and Albert Einstein concerning Black Holes. He had also read the writings of Gottfried Leibniz; a German philosopher and mathematician, Sir. Isaac Newton; a physics, mathematician, Astronomy, and natural philosophy, Albert Einstein; a Physics who augured that, space, can only exist in relations to objects.

    Mr. Evans memory and, recall reflects had developed to a point that he could instantly recall almost 90% of all of the subjects that he had read in articles and books. The list of subjects that he had read and written about was long and highly scientifically technical. For example, he had read and written on the subjects of astronomy, astrophysics, black holes, Pluto, Saturn, Solar Systems, Stars, Galaxies, Computer Science, Quasars, Supergiants, Quantum Physics, Hibernation, Atomic Particles, and at least fifteen otherrelated subjects.
    Mr. Evans became very interested in long-term human hibernation; a minimum of five years would be required for, deep space manned reconnaissance flights. He said that long-term human hibernation would offer many benefits for future space explorations. But, it will take a long time before that becomes a reality. Studies have proven that humans can be put into a deep sleep status for up to 72 hours, without causing any harm. But, future deep space missions, is expected to take five, ten, fifteen, or even twenty years. For example, he suggested that, it would reduce the internal space requirements and the overall weight of space crafts, reduction of food, water, and waste. Mr. Evans was also doing research on artificial intelligence to staff for reconnaissance scouting and deep space flights..

    ACT ELEVEN; SCENE ONE: During the third year at San Quentin, Mr. Evens began to feel that he knew more about Time and Space subjects than had been historically published. Therefore, he concluded that, in view of the fact that his time here on Earth was uncertain, and possibly short, he should begin to use all of the knowledge that he had acquired, to write books and papers. Therefore, in order to share his knowledge with the world before his time ran out; he began writing papers and books at an expedited rate. Soon thereafter, publishing of his books and papers began.

    ACT TWELVE: SCENE ONE: April 5, 2049 after ten years on death row Mr. Evans had written more than fifteen hundred pages of notes on the subject of deep space travel. He had also written and published two books on the subject. On this day he paces the small floor of his cell, which is one of his pass time procedures, pondering the chorological process order of deep space travel by humans.

    San Quentin’s Warden Vincent Cullen, who is 81 years old, and will be retiring soon, after serving more than forty years at San Quentin visited Mr. Evans and sit outside the cell. He said this to Mr. Evens—“When I first came to San Quentin, I was only concerned with providing warehouse type housing for convicted and condemned inmates at the lowest cost to the state of California. But just as you have educated and rehabilitated yourself, so have I educated and rehabilitated myself. As you know I have no control over the execution dates of inmates that are at this facility, but I am now convinced that my ultimate duty here at San Quentin is to provide the best possible living environment for the inmates that the budget will permit. For the rest of my life, I will always remember that I met a man Named Mr. Leon Evens—a man that educated himself, and thereby, made it possible to improve the lives of people throughout the world. Now, before I leave you, let me ask you this, “in your opinion, what do you feel is the best way that I can help others doing my future years of retirement?”

    MR. EVENS REPLY: “Mr. Cullen, judging from what you have just said to me proves that you have acquired the wisdom and knowledge to help many people. But you must find the communication channel that will allow you the greatest exposure to the public.” As the Warden was preparing to leave, he came close to the cell bars and Mr. Evens’ face and said I am planning to get you the use of a Laptop Computer. We just need to work out the logistics of how we can control where you surf and what you send out. Mr. Evens thanked the Warden for the visit, and wished him the best of health.

    On Saturday April 1, 2051, a special news bulletin was issued over all the news networks around the world. Scientist and Astrophysics were reporting that there had been a cosmic explosion, greater than twenty times that of the Big Bang explosion that occurred more than 13 billion years ago. They said that the galactic core have been shifted more than 50 light years. Many people in America thought that it was an April fool’s joke, while others were beginning to feel that the evil forces of the world was beginning to overpower the will of God. People in other parts of the world knew that something very strange was happening. And they began to issue strange reports. For example, in Australia, they said that the Sun set at 1:30 pm
    and rose at 11:45 pm, and they were reporting strange behaviors of animals and insects. Day after day, reports from around the world were being received about unusual occurrences of the Sun, Moon, and water levels of Oceans, Seas, and Rivers. The most freighting report issued from some parts of the world, said that there were strange changes in gravity; some heavy weight items are becoming bouncy in the air. Sand bags are being placed in automobiles for stability.

    Monday April 4, 2051, a press briefing was held by President Marc Mezvinsky Jr. President Hillary Clinton’s Grandson. He assured Americans that the government was doing everything possible to keep the country as safe as possible. He said that, because of the deep space explosion a few days ago, our universe and the Earth’s environments have been shaken out of their normal orbits, and he asked everyone to remain calm and to assist the government workers in any way that they can. The President also said that there are discussions at the highest levels of the government to consider efforts to seek the formation of a World Federation type government, because every country that we have been able to communicate with has been seriously damaged, and most of them are less able to sustain themselves than we are; many of their people are dead, and large numbers are dying every day. They have almost no medical facilities, staff, or supplies. The fact of the matter is that the world that we once knew has been reduced to a shattered single country, if only we are able to unite. We must first, strive to create a healthy environment for every person on planet earth. Then, those, combined, healthy people will use their talents to reform the new federated world. He also said that he would be asking Congress to approve and fund all Space programs of NASA and the research and development projects that are being conducted at our Universities. The country’s production has been reduced to less than 30%. That means that unemployment is at over 50%. That means that state and the federal government will not be able to fund many urgently needed programs. I’m asking everyone to assist in every way that they can. He said that while we continually improve our domestic environment, it is very importantly for us to continue our space project; the VASIMR plasma/ion thruster rocket engine that is in the final research and development stages and has completed the vacuum chamber thruster, throttle, and temperature cycle tests at Houston. As I speak, our most developed space ship, driven by a plasma engine, has completed thirty days of a sixty day deep space journey flight. As a part of that space flight test, they loaded it with a six ton pay load. If this test flight is successful, it will, not only, tell us that the plasma/ion thruster engine can operate in deep space as planned, but it will also tell us that it can carry heavy loads into space and bring heavy loads from space to Earth and land safely.

    The President also said that due to the recent galactic explosion, we are not sure of the total condition of the space ship. He also said that the space ship is responding to our signals, and we are still receiving signals from it.

    Then, the President said, “due to the current world-wide crises, I am asking everyone that have technical knowledge of space travel, to please contact NASA, they are in great need of your service. And your country and the world need your service now.” The president concluded by saying, “my grandmother once told Americans that “it takes a village to raise a child.” Now, let me say that it will take the world’s astrophysics community to bring the world back to a stable existence for the human race. Within the next 72 hours, I will contact the leaders of the top ten leading nations in space travel development, to ask them to help us unite in forming a world deep space travel agency. Thank you, may God bless you, may God bless America, and may God bless the world.

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