Report: Family of NBA’s Lorenzen Wright Could Want Damages For Mishandling 911 Call

Murder of former NBA star remains unsolved

lorenzen wright smiling

The widow of the late Lorenzen Wright in ten months squandered $1 million in insurance money meant to take care of their six children.

The mother of slain former NBA player Lorenzen Wright says that it took more than a week to discover Wright’s body because police mishandled the 911 call. A dispatcher reportedly says that she heard what sounded like gunshots, but officials say 911 operators thought the sounds were fireworks.

It wasn’t immediately clear if Wright’s mother, Deborah Marion, is seeking damages, but reports have listed Forrest Craig as her attorney.

The case has received national attention because Sherra Robinson Wright, Wright’s ex-wife, in ten months spent close to $973,000 of a $1 million dollar insurance settlement meant for their children on expensive trips, clothing and cosmetic procedures.

“I want my son’s story on TV because there are some empty spaces in the last time somebody saw him alive. Some empty spaces that need to be filled,” Marion told WREG in Memphis, adding that she wants to find out killed her son.

She says people are already responding, “Everybody wants to know what can they do. I am not the only one. He has family and friends and they want to know too.”

As for the insurance money still left for her six grandchildren, Marion says she still has hope.

“I hope they will slow the roll on what’s left. Put it somewhere to draw some interest so the kids will have money when they get ready to go to college.”

Read more and view the video at WREG.

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  • John Kugelfischer

    I’m sorry………….another story reported he made $55MIL over his career. Shouldn’t he have had some money in the bank for HIS kids? None of these articles say whether they’re HER kids too.

    And, the money she “spent” could very well be characterized as wise investments. She bought a HOME. Great ! Kudoes for realizing the American dream! If you didn’t have a home previously with $55MIL in the bank (while you were still married) then this was a WISE move. And the housing market is probably near its trough now anyways. Next, she spent $5 grand on “lawn equipment”. Um, okay, I have friends who’ve spent double that on a lawn mower. So, we’ll say she bought a LAWN MOWER! Another GREAT idea. Way to work dem gams whilst getting some valuable vitamin A girl! Or put on o’dem 6 chirrun to work mowin that bigass lawn!

    She spent eleven grand on a trip to NY. Okay. Without knowing any other details, I’d say, “hey, baby, you just netted a cool million tax free from the death of a guy you HATED anyways. go blow a bit on yo’self!” SHe bought two cars, one an Escalade for $32k and a Lexus for $26k. Ummmmmm, that’s two USED CARS, baby! That’s wise as heck offf the bat. SHe let the sucka who bought ’em new take the depreciation hit. And I don’t know ANY escalade newer than 3 years old you could buy for $32k. And some LEXUSes are $26k at five-six years old. Oh, and everyone needs a car. If you’se got six chirrrun you sho nuff need a SUV that seats at least seven. That’s MA and the six chirrun right there. Oh, and the gas miser Lexus for when she gotsta do her own runnin’ roun’.

    So, so far, she’s spent her money VERY wisely.

    If you ask me, she’s spent around half a mil. She puts the rest in conservative investments and she can expect a cool ROI of around $25,000 a year for the rest of her life. And the KIDS??????? Hey, they’s getting the rest of daddy’s $55MILLION!!!!!!

    Now, I don’t know this woman. She could be evil for all I know, but what divorcee wouldn’t want a little nip here and a lil tuck there if she was going to be out dating again? Who would fault her for that if she had a cool mil in the bank? And, les you forget, daddy made $55MIL already!!!!!!!!!! So they’s gotta be mo’ den dat in the bank right now. She could get a tummy tuck, a breast augment and lip on her thighs for, say, under $20 grand.

    Lord help me if I win a million in the lottery that I might spend it so wisely. GOD BLESS HER.

    I also don’t know the guy. Seems to me the local press favors him OVER her. Seems to me they’s some JELLUS hags writin’ for dis rag!!! Seems to me that she’s made some very wise INVESTMENTS and ya’ll should just buttt the hell out!

    Oh, by the way, I’m white, and I approve this message.

  • MirthB

    If the ex-wife is keeping a roof over her children’s head and making sure they have everything they need, there is a possibility she is doing right by the her kids money. Are the children complaining? Doesn’t sound like it.