Report: Family of NBA’s Lorenzen Wright Could Want Damages For Mishandling 911 Call

The mother of slain former NBA player Lorenzen Wright says that it took more than a week to discover Wright’s body because police mishandled the 911 call. A dispatcher reportedly says that she heard what sounded like gunshots, but officials say 911 operators thought the sounds were fireworks.

It wasn’t immediately clear if Wright’s mother, Deborah Marion, is seeking damages, but reports have listed Forrest Craig as her attorney.

The case has received national attention because Sherra Robinson Wright, Wright’s ex-wife, in ten months spent close to $973,000 of a $1 million dollar insurance settlement meant for their children on expensive trips, clothing and cosmetic procedures.

“I want my son’s story on TV because there are some empty spaces in the last time somebody saw him alive. Some empty spaces that need to be filled,” Marion told WREG in Memphis, adding that she wants to find out killed her son.

She says people are already responding, “Everybody wants to know what can they do. I am not the only one. He has family and friends and they want to know too.”

As for the insurance money still left for her six grandchildren, Marion says she still has hope.

“I hope they will slow the roll on what’s left. Put it somewhere to draw some interest so the kids will have money when they get ready to go to college.”

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