83 Responses to 10 Black Republicans You Probably Don’t Know But Should

  1. Ron says:

    Very informative article. I didn’t know a lot of these men and women. I look forward to the next ten!

  2. Veronica Jenkins says:

    Interesting perspective….I like the lead in.

  3. Tracy says:

    Thank you for compiling this list of amazing, accomplished people. It is unfortunate that most of us do not know these names. Thanks to you, now we do! Keep ’em coming!

  4. Agaba says:

    Mr. Jackson,

    Your concern about Republican Party showing less interest in the black community is very vital and I hope by addressing it now and more just like you are doing in this magazine would give a wakeup call to the party, it’s never too late. Otherwise, I would advise you to vote for Obama for the second term. My regards!

  5. Du'shawn says:

    Black Republicans isn’t That a OXYMORON!!!

    • scc says:

      Actually no because there are a lot of black Republicans due to the fact that Republicans helped to abolish slavery. Also, most Republicans are God fearing individuals like most blacks. You should google some information on how many blacks in this country are Republican. You will be surprised.

      • knowyourhistory says:

        study your history, scc. republicans of today are not the same as the republicans who helped abolish slavery. the beliefs are totally different. you should look more around the time of the Great Depression and the FDR era when the political parties’ beliefs switched. the only reason blacks still have loyalty to the republican party is that misguided notion that they helped end slavery.

        • Eric L. Wattree says:

          The old Southern Dixiecrats migrated to the Republican Party during the Civil Rights era of the sixties. they make up the Rick Santorum/Sarah Palin wing of the Republican Party. So if the civil War was going on today the Republican Party would be the Confederacy. If you doubt that look around you at the next Republican convention.

          • B.J. Knippel says:

            I am a southern, white female Republican who volunteered at SCLC Headquarters in Atlanta during the 60’s, and also attended the Nobel Peace Prize Dinner for Dr. King that was held in Atlanta. The old time Civil Rights leaders—Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc.—are doing more damage to race relations with their ranting than trying to heal old wounds. We need to listen to Dr. King’s words.

            There are white and black racists—-those of us who aren’t need to show that things have changed—-I still remember the separate entrances for blacks and whites—doesn’t make much sense, does it???

            Let’s look at Tim Scott, Republican from low country S.C., who won his seat in a predominantly white district—then there is Michael Williams, Texas; Mike Webb, DJ from New York; Col. Allen West, Florida—things are changing. Unfortunately, and sadly, President Obama has shown his lack of business experience and his far leftist leanings which haven’t little or nothing to do with the color of his skin.

            Why is it that the South is the only part of the country that gets tagged as being racist???? What about all of the black racists that are continuing to generate hatred and rhetoric against people of a different color?

  6. Jae says:

    Thank you for introducing many of us to these prominent Republicans. I am interested in hearing what they think about the level of hatred that is directed towards the first African American President by their fellow Republicans . Maybe there is a reason that they don’t emerge from the shadows and identify with the sad state of the Republican party. I know I would be embarrassed to call myself a Black Republican these days. Just Sayin…

  7. Shavoris Antwon says:

    Not surprise, majority of black GOP’s are either from the North or their generations were GOP’s. Hopefully they would stand up against the bigotry and ignorance from the white GOP’s so that people of all race would understand their philosophy and politics.

  8. Wayne Frazier says:

    Great list of accomplished sisters and brothers. Their work stands for something and they all have helped others. I am impressed by them as well as you Mr Jackson. It’s ashame we have to be associated with party’s!

  9. Michael Camphor says:

    These are the “spooks sitting by the door”. They work behind the scenes on behalf of their race more than some of the Democratic media hounds talking loud and saying much much less doing nothing. Judge them by the content of their character not the political banner they wear. I just learned Raynard is a Republican which gives even more credence to the sentiments I expressed.

    • EVE says:

      @Mr. Camphor- I don’t care what they do, STOP using terms as you did! YOU are as bad as any Communist Democrat I have ever heard! And do as much damage!

      • Keith Childress says:

        @Eve. To Mr Camphor’s defense I present the following:I can understand why you may have been affected by him using the term “The Spook Who Sat By The Door” if you didn’t know that he is referring to a book that was written in 1969 by Sam Greenlee. Mr Camphor is actually paying them a compliment. This was also a movie.
        Spook Who Sat by the Door
        1973PG102 minutes
        After spending several years in Washington as the CIA’s token black agent, Dan Freeman (Lawrence Cook) quietly returns to Chicago to launch a potent political revolution made up of leftist radicals and black nationalists. The goal of his well-trained guerilla army? To launch an all-out offensive against the nation’s white-dominated power structure. Ivan Dixon, best known for his role as Sgt. “Kinch” Kinchloe on “Hogan’s Heroes,” directs.
        The novel continues to be a very important work reflecting upon the harsh realities of African Americans living in the United States in the face of racism, violence and oppression. Greenlee’s novel is, in a sense, a manual on how to be a successful revolutionary by beating the system at its own game. Greenlee demonstrates through his character Dan Freeman, how important cooperation is among oppressed peoples in the fight for equality and freedom. Greenlee, years after the release of his book and the film, reflects upon the various messages of his work: “One of the things I was saying with that book is that gangs could become the protector of the community rather than predators”. He goes on to say, “…the purpose of the film was to encourage blacks to create an action plan to ‘survive in the belly of the beast’ rather than always reacting as victims of a racist society”. By working intimately with Ivan Dixon, Greenlee’s powerful book was transferred to the big screen without losing its strong revolutionary messages. Yet, the film and the book were both received with great hesitation and resistance by certain sectors of society.
        So please understand that Mr Camphor was not being derogatory.Also,Communism and the Democratic Party are not synonyms!

  10. Jacqueline Kotvas says:

    Awesome article Rayard! Keep up the great work!

  11. Boyd Rutherford says:

    Good column. You identified several “unsung heros.”

  12. Robert Broadus says:

    A great primer for those unacquainted with the up-and-coming Blacks stars of the GOP. Find more at the Frederick Douglass foundation ( who put out a calendar each year, or the National Black Republican Association ( In 2008, over 40 Black Republicans ran for Congress, and of that number, 13 went on to the general election. We all know that Allen West & Tim Scott (BOTH in the Deep South) were elected. Looking at the numbers, Black Republicans are able to win in majority-White districts, whereas EVERY Democratic member of the CBC comes from a majority-Black district. Think about what that means for upward mobility for Blacks. Conservative Black Republicans are not “tokens,” they are LEADERS. It is high time we had many more!

    • gumgumluelue says:

      What are the black republican saying when the man republican runing president is talking about black poor people is on food stamp. The things that come out their mouth is so sad. I know my God is not satisfied with that.

    • gumgumluelue says:

      What are the black republican saying when the man republican running president is talking about black poor people is on food stamp. The things that come out their mouth is so sad. I know my God is not satisfied with that.

  13. Malcolm Lewis Barnes says:

    Good to see at least one familiar Washington Insider – Allegra McCullough – on the list. The piece reminds me of a story one of my Howard classmates told about why he joined the Republican party after her graduated from law school and established his practice in Harrisburg, PA – “The line was shorter!” I still admire his pragmatism, but the unfortunate reality is that the black face of the party is still dominated by political bafoons the likes of Herman Cain and “Silent” Clarence Thomas, while the dedicated hard workers in the trenches are not rewarded but marginalized by the party!

    • Eric L. Wattree says:

      You’re absolutely right about that, Malcolm. For me, a Black Republican makes about as much sense as a Jewish Nazi. So Black people who are under the delusion that they’re going to have any impact on the Republican Party is directly analogous to a Christian woman who thinks she’s going to change a crack head.

  14. Madeline LaCore says:

    Very Informative. Thanks for writing it.

  15. G. Fofana says:

    Thank you Raynard as usual for sharing some knowledge. Regardless of one’s political affiliation, it is always far more powerful to be armed with information.

  16. levonjaw says:

    This is a VERY impressive group. I’m hoping they’re on Twitter, so i can follow them. Thanks for sharing!

  17. kim says:

    Your list is good, but I have personally come across hundreds of prominent conservative blacks in the GOP, some way more prominent than these few…it is a shame that this list gives the idea that they are a rarity.

    The foolish racist comments that fill this page only goes to show that most Americans are extremely uninformed and would rather take their voting information from corrupt political rhetoric than looking around with their eyes and ears wide open.

    Only a blind man sees the world as it was.

    • EVE says:

      @Kim, that is what I was just saying.. I KNOW there must be so many more, and I am proud of anyone who will serve their country in this capacity. The mistake that liberals make is that white people are automatically prejudiced… WRONG! And most of the time, I think they just USE that, as a way to start trouble! It is, after all, in the Alinsky play book. The fact that we do NOT care what color anyone is, will never be believed, simply because it has been told that is the case, for so long! But I will never stop trying to let all people know that we do NOT care who or what they are! As long as they are honest and uphold our Constitution. I don’t care about anything else!

    • Raynard Jackson says:

      Kim, never said Black Republicans are a rarity…There are tons more, but am limited by space….

      • Ginger says:

        If DRUDGE would pick up this article these 10 would be picked up in the news more and more.
        So well written.


        Eve this is the great Satan you and everyone who wrote did such a great job that it often reminds me of anything great and right there is no color! If you want to pursue this I will show you how! Contact KEVIN JACKSON @ THEBLACKSPHERE@GMAIL.COM. SIMPLY TELL HONK WASSUP AND THE GREAT SATAN AKA LEANED TO CONTACT HIM CONCERNING THIS TOPIC DEAR TRUST ME KEVIN IS A GOOD MAN AND CAN PUT THIS TOGETHER C-YA DEAR

  18. EVE says:

    Why haven’t we seen or heard of this wonderful group before? I am sure there are even more we would love to know and someday, fight for their presence in the Congress or higher! God bless them!

  19. Tracy says:

    To Jae,
    Speaking only for myself, I don’t care what color he is. I despise him for lying about his Anti-American preacher that he listened to and supported for 20 years. Also that he apologized ti the French for how Americans act. He is a arrogant, narcissistic smart ass that can’t handle constructive criticism with lashing out and threatening to investigate them. I hate that he did nothing to the new black panthers that intimated voters. The list is endless. Smug regarding his birth certificate also. There are plenty of qualified black men that could do this job without dividing the nation. Notice how he instigates the division of the parties. And I questions whoever it was that initially nominated him. I would love ro know who that was.

    • EVE says:

      @Tracy, it’s hard to make anyone who used Saul Alinsky, for their playbook! They tell a lie long enough until it becomes the truth, and becomes destructive to what ever entity they are against! What used to be the Democrat party, is now the Communist party, with little veil over their faces! We know what they are.

    • gumgumluelue says:

      What color are you? You don’t know him.You don’t know them. You have been brain wash. The white republican don’t you. And if you are poor.White or black. They don’t care. What have they done for you lately?

  20. MLColey says:

    Raynard you do a fine job of educating people. You are not afraid to say what needs to be said–that is good.

    This is an excellent piece for people to discuss and analyze. You certainly have a way of bringing that out in folks. I also like that you took the time to locate these folks and put them out front so that others can see that there are many other republicans that look like us. Many folks are just not aware…Good Job Raynard! Congratulations on your new endeavor to reach even more people.



  21. Karen Lundgren says:

    It is wonderful to see strong young people stepping up to take the torch. I hope Raffi is able to influence many of his peers to get involved.

  22. says:

    I figured there would have been a lot more to call from but I only knew two of these names.

  23. Jarrell says:

    There’s an error in the summary of Jennifer Carroll. It seems as if it should read she’s the highest elected Black Republican official in the State of Florida. Florida currently has a U.S. Congressman Allen West and that would make him on of the highest elected Black Republican in the U.S.

    • Raynard Jackson says:

      Jarrell, not true, Lt. Gov is statewide, whereas congressman is for a specific district, thus Carroll has a higher ranking…

  24. April Richardson says:

    Mr. Jackson, I appreciate you enlightening me about 10 Black Republicans that are serving their counties, states and country. I learned that to grow intellectually requires listening to ideologies that are different than mine. Common ground can be found if you look hard enough. I appreciate the fact that we have brown faces on both sides of the aisle. It should serve as a reminder to all…that we are not homogeneous.

  25. Terrill Charming says:

    I love to see other black Republicans. I am often left in the dark among my friends. I also feel people dont fully understand the background of the parties when choosing. I’m happy to see others have been successful in their journeys as black Republicans. Very informative.

  26. Sheyy says:

    I am really happy about this list of people. Yes! There are more prominent black conservatives, but this list will keep the narrow minded people’s eyes and minds broader.

  27. msrosthe1 says:

    Great compilation on Who’ Who among the Bkavk Republicans.

    • msrosthe1 says:

      msrosthe1 says:
      April 17, 2012 at 9:55 pmo
      Great compilation on Who’s Who among the Black Republicans!

  28. alice sutton says:

    Excellent article! Dissemination of this kind of information should help bring competition for the black voter. Republicans too often ignore us and Democrats, including President Obama, universally take us for granted.

  29. Claire Nelson says:

    Thanks for including Caribbean American Lt. Govenor Jennifer Carroll.. We are very proud of her accomplishments in the Caribbean American community — as she is living positive proof of the continuing contributions of Caribbean immigrants to this country from founding father.. Alexander Hamilton.. top Black Anthem writer James Weldon Johnson and countless others…
    Celebrate June…National Caribbean American Heritage Month

  30. Keith Childress says:

    A job well done Mr Jackson!

  31. Ramona Brackeen says:

    If I remember my history correctly, the current day Democratic party started out as the Republican party. Excellent article! Our morals should dictate how we view our political beliefs.

  32. Kenneth Koepnick says:

    Great Article. Could only make it through 4 though till the photos freeze up. Thanks for shining a light.

  33. Tony says:

    To the uninformed commenters that keep posting about how the democrat party is for blacks and the republican party is against blacks … what world are you living in? One needs to simply look at the inner city and the entitlement culture brought forth by the democrat party. Seems to me they’re keeping them on the ‘plantation’, they just don’t call it slavery anymore. If they didn’t want to keep people down and dependent on the government, they’d make it easier for people to succeed without thinking they need a handout.

  34. Anne Collins says:

    I think this is very interesting, and these people all seem like they are very successful and a source of pride to their community. I really wish people would not hate on black people who are democrat, republican, libertarian, whatever. Black people are allowed to have the same range of political views as white people. If you disagree with the economics or any other issue, then say that. But don’t tell people they “can’t be black and think such and such”. Vote democrat if you think that’s best, because that’s your right. But don’t say the Democratic Party owns the whole concept of blackness. They don’t. Let people be whatever they want. That’s called freedom, and isn’t that what we want?

  35. Earl Kubin says:

    (I’ve been involved in the Republican Party for most of my adult life and continue to be amazed at the lack of interest the party shows toward the Black community.)

    That’s unfortunate! But from our Tea Party perspective in Houston we would ‘LOVE’ to see more involvement from everyone. I’m an Independent Conservative and personally have intense distain for the current and past hegemony of the Republican Party, who’s been lead by the nose by a few radical communist. Allen West is a black skinned American DO YOU THINK I GIVE A DAMN – HELL NO. I love the man, his passion and commitment to saving America from the print money spend our future away party’s of the same congress has my attention. We have to cut the size of the ‘Federal Government’ first. It’s too damn big and we can’t afford it – end of story! I say cut the federal piggy’s 90% and turn over social management to the states where it belongs.

    • Linda J Hendrix says:

      me too (about Col West) – I hope Romney chooses him for VP.  He is a man of strength, courage, integrity  – qualities that America needs.    I think he would be a “partner” to Romney – helping him in leading the country back to success, respect and prosperity.  

      I listen to Kevin Jackson a lot… he is a black radio personality and has a blog The Blacksphere.  He is a hoot – not afraid to tell it like it is all the while representing people of color.    I admire him very much and wish more people – black and white could listen to him.    By the way – I am an old patriotic white woman who was raised an Army brat.  My husband was killed in Vietnam in 68 fighting next to Hispanics, blacks, and geeks, all who he dearly loved.  I know it is hard for many black people to speak up for their beliefs… I often have to just nod and listen to some of my family members try to shove undocumented facts down my throat as not to rock the boat. 
      I just want the best for America and it is not too good right now.  Mr O is pitting people against one another… and people are dying for it…unnecessarily.  shame on him.

  36. card cheap credit machine says:

    Hmm i hope you dont get annoyed with this question, but how much does a website like yours earn?

  37. Campbell says:

    As the Democratic party continues to neglect the African-American community and issues, more people of color are considering the Republic Party as an alternative because the Republican party is reaching out to the African-American community and are making promises to deliver prestige and results.

  38. Allegra McCullough says:

    Thank you, Raynard for taking notice and for creating an engaging discussion. I describe myself first as a child of God, then as a Black woman. All else is is defined by the first two descriptions. Declaring my political views as conservative, simply measures the level of my conservatism. My conservative views do not mean that I walk lock-step with anyone. An assessment of my political appointments clearly show that diversity and incusion were the cornerstones of my successes, and that the sincerity of my missions transcended to thousands of Black, Hispanic, Asian, and other career employees who were the “wind beneath my wings”. My political appointments allowed me to serve my country. For that, I’m extremely grateful.

  39. Don Scoggins says:

    After President Obama leaves office more blacks will feel comfortable identifying with the Republican Party. Scarce jobs and unstable economy will compel us to create our own employment. Especially for young bright individuals with energy and enthusiasm this is going to success. Whether only for a limited period entrepreneurship offers many rewards. And often times the only path towards genuine financial independence. Despite its current internal warring factions and inhospitable perception the GOP portends for our race its most advantaged future.

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