3 Responses to 40 High Points of Barack Obama’s Presidency

  1. Ilene Richman says:

    Barack Hussein Obama is an Anti-Semite and Anti-Israel and a dictator. He dictated what Israel should do. Barack Hussein Obama sat in a church for 20 years, with a pastor that was Anti-Semitic and Anti-American. When 9/11 occurred, Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor stated, “The chickens have come home to roost”. In other words, Wright was stating that 9/11 was the fault of the US. Also, Mr. Obama is very friendly with Anti-Semite Louis Farrakan. He marched in the Million Man Parade with Farrakan. Obama can place nicety nice with Israel now, but we know how he thinks. Any Jewish person who votes for him deserves to be punished. No one can dictate to a sovereign democratic ally as Israel.Israelknows what it has to do-keep building settlements until The West Bank is emptied of Palestinians. Keep building in Gaza to get rid of Hamas. Israel needs more secure borders and no US president can dictate to Israel.

  2. RespectOthersAlways says:

    Ilene Richman is so thoroughly confused and full of right wing venom, a sickness of the heart. Too bad Ilene. Glad not all Jews think like you!

  3. Ak826 says:

    Now I am not a genius, but I count 8 pictures and only 5 bullet points… where are the other 35. 

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