Former Obama Supporter To Back Mitt Romney

Davis called Joe Biden's "chain" comments "racial divisiveness"

Former 2008 President Obama campaign co-chair Artur Davis seems to have had a change of heart of in the last 4 years.

Davis is now campaigning for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

The former Democrat turned Republican also responded to the comments made by vice president Joe Biden at a campaign stop in Virginia yesterday.

Biden said that if Romney were elected, the mostly black crowd would end up “back in chains.”

Davis said Biden knew exactly what he was saying and the comments were “racially divisive.”

  • MajeztyRene’

    This is disheartening. I’d like to know from Artur Davis just what does he think Mitt Romney and/or Paul Ryan will do for him or black people ? President Obama, in my opinion is the BEST and the BRAVEST president this country has ever known ! If Mr. Davis could do better, would he ?

  • MajeztyRene’

    or POOR people in general ?

  • ginzo

    about time one black person woke up to this fake president The best anti-Obama video ever made הסרטון הטוב ביותר נגד אובמה – YouTube