Ex-NBA Player’s Girlfriend, Daughter Murderer Convicted

Lawyer found guilty

frederick goingsAttorney Frederick Goings seemed unaffected when the jury’s guilty verdict was read on Tuesday.

Goings was convicted of murdering 24-year-old Nova Henry and her 10-month-old daughter with NBA player Eddy Curry, Ava.

Henry was being represented by Goings in a child custody battle with Miami Heat, New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls player Curry. Goings was also romantically involved with Henry. Prosecutors claimed Henry ended her affair with Goings and moved out with the two children she parented with Curry.

Goings shot Henry while she held her infant daughter in her home. Her other son with Curry who was 3-year’s-old at the time was also in the home but was left unharmed.


4 Responses to Ex-NBA Player’s Girlfriend, Daughter Murderer Convicted

  1. Perry Mason couldn’t get that worthless Blue-Gum off the hook. His Lawyer was not surprised to know he will not be getting paid.

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  4. Mari says:

    This story makes no sense …the timeline how was she with the attorney 2 years but had a baby by someone else less than a year old and why would the attorney let the son live? But he witnessed it? Doesn’t make sense and sometimes women should not be so quick to date men with money it doesn’t always end well.

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