Indiana Sorority Girls Throw Homeless-Themed Party

One sign read: "Will Twerk for food"

Sorority girls from Indiana University’s Kappa Delta chapter sponsored┬áa┬áhomeless-themed party this week, Jezebel reports.

Photos of the sorority girls have surfaced on the web. The sorority members wear cutoff shorts and plaid shirts with ┬ádirt smudges on their cheeks and┬á┬áhold signs like: “Why lie? It’s for BOOZE. Homeless need $ and prayers.” “Will Twerk for Food” and “Give me a nickel and I’ll tickle your pickle.”

The party is reminiscent of the Mexican-themed party sorority girls at Penn State sponsored a few months ago. Many in the community found Kappa Delta’s party insensitive to the homeless population in Bloomington, Indiana.

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