Ohio Governor: ‘Blacks Can Come From The Streets And Own Businesses’

The Ohio governor is no stranger to controversial comments

It seems that the Republican National Convention isn’t short on its insults towards African Americans.

A day after two attendees were ejected from the convention for throwing peanuts at a black CNN camerawoman, Ohio Governor John Kasich is in hot water for controversial comments about African Americans.

According to the Huffington Post’s Jon Ward, the Ohio governor said that African Americans need to be convinced that they can “come off the streets” and become small business owners.

The comment came during an event hosted by the website.

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  • Lynn

    I am an african american and there is actually some truth to this……we need to get out of the mentality that someone needs to help us. However there need to also be resources and information that educates these people on HOW they can become their own business owners. And the funny thing about it is even in the past when blacks have had their own businesses and sectors that thrived they were shot down by whites and attacked….so its like you are damned if you do damned if you don’t. Whites need to stop blaming black people for everything in order to fuel their greed.

  • Rachel Ray

    I agree Lynn. We work with all types of people from all walks if life. Some of the best and highest paid leaders have less then stellar backgrounds. In fact, some have only a high school diploma or GED and in a few short years began making 6 figures with us. Even if you have a felony we might be able to work with you. These are our more highly motivated individuals and we help you earn what you are worth. Being in business for yourself is not easy but can be very rewarding.

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