Obama to Jimmy Carter’s Grandson: Thank you for ’47 Precent’ Tape

Obama 'ran across the room' to embrace Carter

It turns out that former President Jimmy Carter’s grandson, James Carter IV of Atlanta, is the political researcher who found the secret ’47 Percent’ videotape in which Mitt Romney made disparaging comments about “47 percent of the population that depends on government,” comments that led to the undoing of his presidential bid.

So when President Obama saw James Carter IV at a political event in Georgia last week he “ran acrosss the room” to” embrace him” and thank the 35 year old “profusely,” according to James Carter IV’s cousin, Senator Jason Carter’s comments to Politico.

“Thank you, thank you so much,” Obama said.

  • Jason

    Figures it would be a Carter, grandchild of another failure of a president. I guess they stick together.

  • Calvin

    No kidding. Leave it to Obama and the liberal media to take a valid statement and twist it to sound derogatory. The reality is that the 47 percent number is mathmatically factual based on groups who benefit from gov programs and would vote for a liberal no matter if that canidate was Obama or any other liberal “big gov type”.

  • Jimmy Jackson

    The media really helped win the election for him with how they twisted the meaning behind that statement. I guess when you have the liberal media in your pocket you’re bound to do well.

  • Al Brown

    Made me proud when he was elected. Finally a black man in the White House, what a great day four our race. But now we should be embarassed to have this man as the first black president. He’s been completely useless dealing with the issues that are really impacting our country. He’s too focused on his own agendas and not the future of this country. What good are his social agendas and new gov programs if we are bankrupt and our childrens future is that of economic distress?