Russell Simmons to Jay-Z: “Support Occupy Wall Street”

Simmons schools Jay-Z on the OWS movement

From NY Daily News

Long time supporter of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, Russell Simmons, has expressed the desire for fellow rapper Jay-Z to also back the movement.

In a recent interview with the New York Times Magazine, Jay-Z confides that he isn’t entirely sure what the OWS is trying to accomplish.

Simmons believes that Jay-Z’s support will help make a difference to the more underprivileged people in the movement, and by making him knowledgeable of the issues he would be on board.

Read more at the NY Daily News.


One Response to Russell Simmons to Jay-Z: “Support Occupy Wall Street”

  1. chitownpete says:

    I love it when really rich people tell me what to do.

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