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  • lw stevens

    Something is wrong with this posting. This athlete is not named. If you hit right slide arrow, Vince Young’s picture appears, but is grayed out by google ads that won’t allow the picture to be seen as is should be, the slide arrows are disabled, & you can’t even select the google ads to escape, Had to hit search bar arrow to go back. Same thing happens if you select left pointer button which has Lawrence Taylor grayed out, not able to get the normal white screen picture & story. Had to hit right search bar arrow to get back to this unnamed player picture. Either fix this mess or pull the whole news story. Quit teasing viewers with it.

  • Jack Pod

    Warren Sapp is one of the 5.

  • Willie G

    Warren Sapp still works for NFL Network. Filing bankrupt doesnt mean you’re broke.

    • a lawyer

      If he is not broke (more debt than assets) he should not be filing for bankruptcy. If he can pay his bills, he is committing a crime by saying he cannot.

  • Stav Jones

    Well i cant say I feel sorry for these guys, Whether it was there own doing , or poor financial advice, Ive been broke all my life, welcome to my world!!!

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