• Piper Laurie Baines

    I am seeking information from anyone who have launch a business in the industry of Project Management in Construction.


    Does anyone have the titles of the 5 books? The NEXT button is not working. Thank you.

    • Olusegun

      Surely, Apple’s appaicltion retail outlet is the winner by way of mile. It’s countless loads of apps as contrasted with a rather gloomy range of one or two for Microsoft zune. Microsof company boasts policies, specially in that an entire world of adventures, nonetheless I’m undecided I’d desire to gamble about the prospective if it element terribly important in your direction. Ipod may be a more desirable assortment it’s possible that.

    • JT

      The 5 books are: Black Business Secrets by Dante Lee, The Illusions of Entreprenuership by Scott Shane, Made to Stick by Chip &Dan Heath, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months by Melinda Emerson, The Long Tail by Chris Anderson


    “Talent Is Overrated” by Geoff Colvin should definitely be added to the list. Deliberate practice creates and develops excellence. Think of anyone who has ever excelled at ANYTHING… chances are their achievement is more a function of hard, focused work than innate “talent.” Pick a lane…


  • sandra brown thomas

    looking to launch own nonprofit organization project any advise for me asking for help from local government office as well as foundations short on cash my own

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