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  • Ted Lewis

    This is a growing problem. As I see it the only way to win is through documentation, journaling all the way and certification of your notes. You don’t talk about your project openly; when you journal indicate names and generally what the conversation was about. Details can help. You can attached your notes and certify them by going to the screen writers guild web site, they offer a service to attached your materials to their web site and they will stand in court with you…

    Ted Lewis

  • Nooaf

    Thank you for your comment! BIO’s merehmsbip consists largely of small biotech companies with no products yet on the market and which rely heavily on the strength of their IP to raise the investment necessary to bring innovative new medical therapies and other products to market. We fully support patent reform which will enhance patent quality and the efficiency, objectivity, predictability and transparency of the nation’s patent system. The patent reform legislation which passed the Senate by a nearly unanimous vote (95-5) and the bill expected to be voted upon by the House of Representatives this week would do just that. You can read more about the beneficial aspects of the bill at .

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