Getting the Greenbacks for your Green Venture

Organizations that are involved in financing companies with green products and services

greenlightbulbglobeIt may be worth looking into these organizations that are involved in financing companies with green products and services:

  1. Expansion Capital Partners L.L.C.: A venture capital firm invests in clean technology businesses that are ready to expand,
  2. Investors’ Circle: A network of more than 200 angel investors, professional venture capitalists, foundations, family offices and others who are using private capital to support sustainable businesses,
  3. New Resource Bank: Caters to businesses focused on sustainability,
  4. RSF Social Finance: A financial services nonprofit that offers investing, lending and philanthropy to socially responsible organizations,
  5. TBL Capital L.P.: A venture fund focused on “people, planet and profits,”
  6. UNC Partners: An investment firm focused on growing socially responsible companies,

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