Papa John’s Apologizes Over Racist ‘N-Word’ Voicemail

The racist employees worked for a Papa John's in Sanford, Florida

PAPA JOHNS LOCATIONJohn Schnatter, Chairman and CEO of Papa John’s, posted an apology on Facebook Monday about two former employees who left a racist voicemail for an African-American Papa John’s customer.

On May 19, a black Papa John’s customer in Sanford, Fla., received a voicemail message, allegedly from the man who had just delivered his pizza. Apparently, the worker had “butt-dialed” the customer and left an N-word riddled, racist rant on the customer’s iPhone, complaining about the tip .

“That’s the only requirement for being a n****r,” the employee says. “Yeah, they gave me five bucks there. Fine, outstanding African-American gentleman of the community,” one employee can be heard saying to his co-worker.

The Papa John’s worker then sings a made-up song using the N-word.


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