7 Responses to PHOTO GALLERY: Black Enterprise 2010 Small Business Awards Luncheon

  1. one of the greatest ideas would be to bring back the prior making it section people at your next large affair, can you imagine what kind of interest and revenue that would bring to your magazine and that affair, the old school folks are still the ones that give the lasting foundation to any business in everyway to honor them for the inspiration that they have given to all the new up and coming youth , this the right time to get this on the planning board , because this country was built on self employment, and reward that history again , remember the making section is your baby. i am willing to help in any way.after all i was one of those recipients and still inspiring many people in my mens ministry in church ,THE HISTORIC 6TH OLDEST BAPTIST CHURCH IN THE U.S ALFRED STREET BAPTIST CHURCH OF THE NATIONS CAPITAL AREA.

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