Social Media Connection: The Pros & Cons of Doing Business Online


Skype – Most people know Skype as a free video calling service without realizing that it's a social network with true business potential. The strength of Skype is that it enables virtual collaboration.  It's a great communication tool to record conversations in audio or video formats for audio podcasts or video blog posts. I use Skype to record video interviews with business executives and personalities outside of my local market. Pro: Easy to record video but does require a third-party app to record conversations (i.e. Call Recorder).   Con: Video quality is decent but not great because it is free. Pro: Great source for job/career search. Con: Requires more engagement than Twitter and Facebook to get the true benefits.  Hootsuite – Third-party app to manage Twitter and other social network profiles in one location and on the go. (Available as both a desktop version and as a mobile app). Dropbox – You have probably heard the term cloud computing.  I spend a lot of time on the go with mobile devices like my iPad and iPhone.  Dropbox allows me to access large files and share them with business partners. Google Alerts – Google has an entire suite of free services if you establish a profile and one of the key offerings is Google Alerts.  Google Alerts is a notification system that allows you to track keywords and is best known as an online reputation management system. Using your name as a keyword allows you to monitor what is being said about you and your brand online.  You can set-up the system to notify you via email or through Google Reader for keywords you have identified.

Skype – Most people know Skype as a free video calling service without realizing that…

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