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BE 100s: 5 Lessons On Attracting, Retaining Talent

Operaters of one of the fastest-growing BE 100s agencies, Sherman Wright and Ahmad Islam of…

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High Turnover: 3 Ways Managers Can Motivate Millennial Workers to Stay

How to keep great young talent at your offices---not the competition's

With 60% of millennials quitting their jobs within three years of being hired, turnover can…

By Jaimee Ratliff

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build a more inspired and productive team in 2014

5 Top Staffing Challenges for Managers

Study reveals issues with employee retention and morale

According to new CareerBuilder findings, these are the top challenges in terms of human capital…

By Janell Hazelwood

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The Secret to Great Recruitment? Silence

Try the '50 Percent' method during calls with job candidates

Want to seal the deal with a winning job candidate? Try the “50% rule” when…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Top Five Mistakes Recruiters Make on Job Posts

Faux pas that could mean months of employment vacancy

Finding talent to fill a position can be difficult. Avoid these common faux pas to…

By Janell Hazelwood

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How To

3 (Non-Creepy) Ways to Follow-up After a Networking Event

If you’ve ever exchanged contact information at a networking event, then waited too long to…

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women in business

How Women in Business Can Help Other Women Break Barriers

Considering women of color are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States,…

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