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Innovation: What Will Your House Look Like in 10 Years?

Smart home market technology is continuing to grow

Here is an infographic from Lamudi Kenya: what will your house look like in ten…

By Cristie Leondis

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iWatch concept

Apple’s Wearable Device Could Be Called iTime

Now that the company has smartwatch patents, is it ready to launch?

Patents granted to Apple on Tuesday could provide details about the company’s upcoming iTime smartwatch.

By Patrick Austin

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protecting your idea may not be your best idea

12 Smart Steps to Making Savvy Idea Into Lucrative Reality

You can succeed at innovating in your career and overall life

This strategy can help you hone in on your thoughts and make decisions that lead…

By Sasha King

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JOIN ASSOCIATIONS. If you’re a female entrepreneur, look into local chapters of the National Association of Women Business Owners. If you are starting a plumbing company, check out the local chapter of a national plumbers association. You’d be surprised how many fields have associations. You can receive great product discounts, invitations to great conferences, and a network of peers. Entrepreneurship can be lonely, so cultivating a group of peers is important. And of course, there is the newly formed Young Entrepreneur Council (I’m a board member!).

5 Things Big Companies Can Learn From Small Businesses

While small businesses may not bring in the revenue of large corporations many weather the storms due to one simple quality: agility

While small businesses may not bring in the revenue of large corporations many weather…

By Amanda Miller Littlejohn

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Free!! Books of the Week – Business Growth

Visit our BE Rewarded site for your chance to WIN!

A stronger sales force, management team, or new innovations are some of the ways to…

By Sasha King

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You Only Live Once: So When It Comes to Your Business, Innovate Before It’s Too Late

For entrepreneurs, a healthy dose of innovation (and a dash of crazy) could be the key to your small business success

For entrepreneurs, a healthy dose of innovation (and a dash of crazy) could be the…

By Elayne Fluker

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B.E. Exclusive: Interview with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner

In a one-on-one with the nation's CFO, BE Editor-in-Chief Derek T. Dingle talked about putting America�s financial house in order

In our exclusive interview, BLACK ENTERPRISE Editor-In-Chief Derek T. Dingle talked with Geithner about the…

By Derek T. Dingle

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BE Next 2010: Blazing a Path to Success

Meet the sophomore class changing the game

BlackEnterprise.com caught up with the 2010 BE Next subjects and talked about everything from their…

By Renita Burns

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Are High on CBCF Agenda

Officials discuss available opportunities for minorities

At the national town hall meeting Thursday hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation on…

By Joyce Jones

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Masters of Innovation



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