How Tech Entrepreneur Dedren Snead Is Making Subsume Studios The Future of Gaming and AI

How Tech Entrepreneur Dedren Snead Is Making Subsume Studios The Future of Gaming and AI

An Atlanta-based artist, developer, creative consultant, and futurist, Subsume Studios boss Dedren Snead wants to change how the video game and artificial intelligence space functions for Black people, WSB-TV reports.

I think what we’re unlocking with Subsume is the unlimited potential of Atlanta to be the innovator of the culture of tomorrow. We want that youth. We want that energy. We want what the community itself of all ages has, K through 12 as well as the young at heart, to make sure they can find a space to be part of this as well,” Snead told WSB-TV.

According to Subsume’s website, Snead has an impressive list of accomplishments, including being a current Innovator-in-Residence at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill through its Shuford Entrepreneurship Program. He is also part of the artist-in-residence program at Georgia State University’s Creative Media Industries Institute in Digital Media, Game Design, and Futurism for the 2022-2023 term. Snead is also the creator of an award-nominated fantasy comic series, Sorghum & Spear, in addition to working with students at Georgia State University and Spelman to create a technology salon in Underground Atlanta, which is aimed at creating more diversity in the field of gaming and AI. 

Snead started Subsume Studios in 2020 during the pandemic lockdown, and he has built Subsume Summit out of that innovation. Subsume Summit is a series of virtual and hybrid pieces that center around speculative fiction and the subsection of Afrofuturism within the genre of speculative fiction in comic books, games, film, and art.

Snead will showcase his most recent project, an educational technology platform connecting K-12 students to career pathways in creative and technical careers and graphic novel and gaming creations, at Dragon Con in Atlanta on Labor Day weekend. 

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