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Entrepreneur’s Conference, Day 2: Four Capital Raising Moves You Can Make

Don’t discount simply being nice as one of the keys to building your business

Eugene Cornelius, Rumia Burbank, and Keith Burgess all offered their capital raising advice during the…

By Patrick Austin

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U.S. small business hiring increases in February

Small Business Associations React to State of the Union Address

Associations generally agreed with the President's speech

The president touched on several topics close to owners, including sequestration

By C. Daniel Baker

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SBA Implements Revised Loan Processing Procedures

Are lenders ready for the revised SOP 50-10?

The relationship between the Small Business Association (SBA) and small business lenders has reached a…

By Black Enterprise

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A Dismal Outlook

Survey reveals small businesses are doubtful about the nation's economy

Survey reveals small businesses are doubtful about the nation’s economy.

By Tennille M. Robinson

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