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Female NASCAR Engineer Promotes Education

Latina, Alba Colon, motivates youth to pursue their dreams and keep going

Alba Colon, female Latina NASCAR engineer motivates youth to pursue their dreams.

By Brittany Dandy

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Making Computer Science Accessible to All

Teaching approach attracts female students

Teaching computer science in a way that’s more accessible to women and all students.

By Robin White Goode

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BE Modern Man: Meet 30-Year-Old Professor DeLeon Gray, Ph.D.

Professor shares the secrets to success

DeLeon Gray is not what we imagine a traditional professor should look like. At the…

By Daron Pressley

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Erica Douglas Helps Small Businesses Enter the Beauty Industry

An entrepreneur and chemist breaking down barriers-of-entry with her company, mSEED group

As an entrepreneur and chemist, Eric Douglas is breaking down barriers of entry in…

By Brittany Dandy

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Amplify4Good Addresses NonProfit Inefficiencies and Hacks Problems in Underserved Communities

Co-founders detail efforts to forge change and help small businesses

Amplify4Good is a nonprofit organization that helps underserved communities solve problems by using the resources…

By Courtney Herring

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SEEK Provides Free Summer Engineering Program in 16 Cities

Prepares youngsters in grades 4–8 for STEM careers

SEEK is a free STEM summer day program targeting black youth in grades 4 to…

By Robin White Goode

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[REPORT] Minorities Landed More Tech Jobs in Labor Market Recovery

Blacks and Hispanics had increases from 2009-2014, but women made up just 25% of tech workforce

More blacks got tech jobs during labor market recovery, with women making up 25% of…

By Joel Lyons

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Power Women of the Diaspora: Uganda Minister of Energy Details How Women Can Impact the World

Irene Nafuna Muloni shares advice for young leaders of African diaspora caught up with Irene Muloni to talk about her role and how black women…

By Janell Hazelwood

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Can a Video Game Teach Your Preschooler to Solve for X?

An app that may work better, and faster, than school

A video game that teachers algebra to preschoolers may work better, and faster, than school.

By Black Enterprise

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black scientist examins flask

10 Career Resources for Women in STEM

Organizations help to increase the number of women involved in STEM

A list of 10 great career resources to help women in STEM build their skillset…

By Kandia Johnson

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Neil deGrasse Tyson’s ‘StarTalk’ Blends Science With Late-Night TV

Astrophysicist's new show premieres tonight on National Geographic Channel

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s new TV show StarTalk will debut on the National Geographic Channel on…

By Joel Lyons

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Financial Literacy Month: Stars Gather to Celebrate Financially Savvy Skaters

Program building champions on the ice and leaders of their communities

A-list celebs and figure skating royalty gathered in New York City recently to celebrate nonprofit…

By Stacey Tisdale

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[Infographic] BE Smart: STEM Facts That May Shock You

The lack of women and minorities in STEM is a hot topic across businesses and institutions

STEM facts from the STEM Education Coalition, Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Math + Science…

By Kandia Johnson

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STEM Mentoring Programs Invite Girls of Color into the Industy

New York City DOE creates opportunities to push girls towards STEM related fields

New STEM programs were created to mentor low income Girls, African Americans and Hispanics.

By Brittany Dandy

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5 STEM Competitions for Young Scientists

STEM competitions for the next generation of innovators

STEM competitions provide a challenging atmosphere for students to solve problems while meeting other students…

By Kandia Johnson

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4 Awesome Health Apps Designed Exclusively for Women

These will help you take a top priority into your own hands, quickly and easily

Startups see no boundaries when it comes to designing apps, which address health issues…

By Kandia Johnson

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FIRST Robotics Sparks Passion for Science and Technology

Winning regional teams to compete in Missouri

FIRST Robotics sparks passion for science, technology, engineering.

By Robin White Goode

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7 STEM Festivals for Kids

STEM Festivals provide a fun way to learn and explore different careers

STEM Festivals provide a fun way to learn and explore science, technology, engineering and math…

By Kandia Johnson

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Top 5 Blacks in Brewery

Here's a look at some of the best pioneers in the brewing industry

Here’s a look at the top five blacks in brewery, as today is national beer…

By Cristie Leondis

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Top 20 STEM Jobs

Here is a glimpse of the best STEM jobs in 2015

According to a report compiled by the US News World & Report, the number of…

By Kandia Johnson

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